America has given so much to the refugee crisis in Europe. Since last year we’ve given $43.6 million! America is over $19 Trillion dollars in debt! At what point do we put pressure on others to step up and take refugees or contribute financially? The Gulf States and Saudi Arabia have not welcomed the refugees…does anyone wonder why?

Saudi Arabia has a tent city that can hold up to 3 million people ready for refugees. Why haven’t they offered shelter for their fellow Muslims?



The United States will provide an additional $20 million (18 million euros) in aid for refugees in Europe, a senior US official said Monday.

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Heather Higginbottom, US deputy secretary of state for management and resources, said this brings Washington’s total commitment to Europe’s migration crisis to $43.6 million since last year.

Most of the funds — $17.5 million — will be given to the UN refugee agency, Higginbottom said during a visit to Lesbos, the island that has experienced most of the refugee arrivals registered in Greece since 2015, where there are over 2000 refugees and migrants according to the Greek government.

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The rest of the funds will be shared out between the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the UN population fund, she said.

Dozens of migrants awaiting repatriation from Greece held a protest on Monday at the registration hotspot of Moria prior to the US official’s visit.

Standing behind wire fencing and under sizeable police guard, the migrants shouted “Freedom” and “Where are human rights?”.

“Syrians and Iraqis are angry, they are saying that they did not come all this way to be deported,” said Nolan Hussein, a 20-year-old from Pakistan.

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