A climate dancer in DC can be seen twerking in the video below, with a plastic water bottle in his hand. What’s really interesting though, is everywhere the twerking climate protester goes, he seems to have a little trash fairy who follows him, throwing handfuls of chopped up paper onto the pavement. Literally, everywhere the twerker goes, she follows him, littering the streets with tons of confetti.

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Liberals also lit dumpsters on fire on the streets of DC.

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Meanwhile, in the liberal bastion of Los Angeles, CA, Trump supporter Scott Presler is leading the efforts to clean up literally tons of trash from a homeless camp, that’s the result of liberal leadership in California.

Scott tweeted about the difference between liberals who take their kids out of school to join a climate strike compared to Scott’s childhood, where he was staying after school for chess club and working to become an Eagle Scout.

Scott Presler still has the heart of an Eagle Scout. Watch the incredible video below showing before and after footage of the homeless camp in LA that he cleaned up with his volunteers.

Here’s a video posted by Scott that shows what the homeless camp in Los Angeles looked like when Presler and his crew of volunteers showed up in hazmat suits.

Scott Presler, who is a personal friend, has a huge heart, and America is a better place because of his leadership and his love for others.

After Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings (MD) criticized the conditions of the migrant camps on our southern border, President Trump shined a light the do-nothing lawmaker, telling him to clean up his “rat and rodent-infested” district, first. After seeing images and videos of the trash that was piling up on the streets of Baltimore, Scott Presler decided to jump into action and recruit people to help him clean up the trash in Baltimore.

Scott was met with resistance, but he persevered, and cleaned several tons of trash off the streets not once, but twice.

Today Scott pointed out that while leftists fighting against climate change are trashing the cities where they protest, Trump supporters are cleaning up messes created by failed Democrat policies.

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