It’s hard not to notice the liberal media gushing all over Hillary Clinton. CNN defends her every move while hammering Trump on just about everything. Even Obama has said he’s not endorsing a candidate but it obvious his best hope for continuing his legacy of far left ideology is with Clinton. They are both students of well known radical Saul Alinsky. MSNBC is another news outlet that loves Hillary and is always pushing her agenda. The only problem is that the Dems didn’t get the memo that Bernie Sanders is the guy for the voters and some lefty organizations. Oops! It’s clear that Bernie Sanders has taken a rather large lead in the NH polls (14 percent) and that lefty organization just endorsed Sanders. Yes, the writing is on the wall for all to see except the liberal media…this should be interesting!

CNN had this gushing article today:

Obama hopes to pave way for Clinton with farewell State of the Union

Though the White House says Obama will not endorse a candidate in the 2016 primary race, there is no doubt that he has long seen Clinton as the best hope for preserving his legacy.

In fact, that belief was one reason many people in the administration’s inner circle were wary of a run by Vice President Joe Biden.

“I think Barack Obama believes that it is incredibly important that Hillary Cinton succeeds him,” said a former close aide to Obama who is still connected with the White House. “The only way that we have an economy where people aren’t losing their health care is if Hillary Clinton becomes president.”

Jeff Shesol, who is familiar with the dynamic between a president and his preferred successor after working in the final years of the Clinton White House as a speechwriter, including on the State of the Union address, highlighted Obama’s reliance on Clinton for his place in history.

“The single most important thing that could happen from here on out for the Obama legacy is the election of Hillary Clinton,” he said.


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