While Joe Biden is unable to keep inflation in check, the border secured, and his sentences strung together in an understandable fashion, China is helping negotiate peace between former foreign enemies.

Iran and Saudi Arabia have shared a mutual disdain and hostility for each other that accurately represents the issues troubling that region of the world. Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner spent much time and energy brokering peace in the middle-east region, but Joe Biden has largely been asleep at the wheel in terms of diplomacy.
Saudi Arabia and Iran cut diplomatic ties with each other in 2016. Iranian protesters stormed the Saudi embassy in Tehran, angering the Saudis and resulting in a complete break in diplomatic ties.

Yet now the countries have “agreed to resume diplomatic relations and reopen embassies.” And both countries are thanking China. The Saudi Press Agency released a statement expressing gratitude for “China’s support for developing good neighborly relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran.”
Having those countries, any of them, play nice in the long term has always been a goal for world leaders.

Twitter lit up over the significance of the potential alliance and what it could mean moving forward.
When user tweeted, “The Saudi-Iran peace brokered by China today may very well be the cornerstone for petroyuan – i.e., oil being sold for Chinese yuan. Obviously, this detente also paves the way for both Saudi Arabia and Iran to join BRICS.
Imagine a BRICS+ with three oil giants – Russia, Saudis, and Iranians. How hard will it be to create a new currency that’s backed by oil and gas? Endless possibilities in a multipolar world.

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Anna Jacobs, Senior Gulf analyst at the International Crisis Group, weighed in on the significance of the event. She told CNBC,

“For China, this is a huge win,” 

“And look, if this were any other country, perhaps you give them a proverbial pat on the back and move on with your life.

But this is China, and it’s President Xi. There’s no altruism here.

Rest assured; you can bet your bottom dollar that if China and President Xi are helping broker some calm in the Middle East, it’s going to be of some personal, tangible benefit (like power and control) for the communist nation.”

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