Last year, Melania Trump showed the world her stunning fashion sense, when she traveled to Egypt on her first solo overseas visit as the first lady.  Fashion magazines and the mainstream media didn’t just ignore her—they intentionally snubbed the woman who is arguably the most beautiful first lady in American history.


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In 2017, Melania celebrated her first Christmas living in the White House. She was mercilessly mocked by the media for her choice of decorations.


When First Lady Melania Trump decorated the White House in red-white-and-blue for Christmas, the media mocked her and her sense of style. There wasn’t a single fashion magazine who dared to place our supermodel First Lady on their cover, or even on the inside pages of their liberal rags.

Thank goodness for the 79-year-old, botox-babe, Nancy Pelosi, or the Washington Post might not be able to find anyone in Washington D.C. who has any fashion sense. In their recent article titled: She may not acknowledge it, but Nancy Pelosi is a fashion icon, the Washington Post gushes over Pelosi, calling her a “fashion icon.”

Conservative radio host Larry O’Connor retweeted the WaPo article, mocking them for their embarrassing fashion piece on the House Speaker.

From the Washigton Post – The author Barbara Ehrenreich tweeted an urgent-sounding question at Nancy Pelosi shortly after she was sworn in for the second time in her career as speaker of the House in January: “How do you retain your perkiness with a lifestyle that involves no sleep or exercise? Is surgery necessary? And where did you get that fantastic red dress?”

Ehrenreich, who is 77, might have been speaking for many who have lately seen in Pelosi, 79, a recipe for stylish feminine authority with a healthy dose of attitude. Since Pelosi smacked the gavel in the dress that caught Ehrenreich’s eye, she has become a fashion influencer, albeit a (perhaps) reluctant one.

Julia Perry — the stylist behind 71-year-old CoverGirl model Maye Musk (who is also the mother of Elon) — says she thrills at what she hopes is an emerging moment for mature women. “It’s really exciting — anything that bucks ageism!” Perry says, noting that Pelosi’s vibrantly colorful choices are part of her strength. “Young women are looking up to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Nancy Pelosi and Brigitte Macron. This is women of a certain age who are earning their platform.”

Publicly, Pelosi hasn’t embraced the attention on what she wears. (She declined to comment for this article.) She isn’t alone in this stance: Female leaders often reject scrutiny of their appearance, which can be inherently sexist and has long been believed to distract from their ideas and accomplishments. Yet there are signs that attitudes are changing. Younger leaders are often more willing to embrace style as another weapon in their arsenal. Ocasio-Cortez famously shared one of her favored lipsticks (Stila’s Stay All Day liquid lipstick in Beso) when she heard women were asking.

Pelosi may not like to talk about her clothes, but it’s clear that she puts thought into what she wears.

…as opposed to Melania Trump, who clearly doesn’t know a thing about fashion…right?

Christian Toto tweeted a hilarious response to the one-sided coverage of Democrats by the media, specifically the Washington Post, with a hilarious reference to the TV show Jeopardy.

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