While the leftist media and Democrats try their best to spin the China trade standoff as a disaster, the truth is that we are winning when it comes to trade with China.

You won’t hear the good news from places like CNN or MSNBC but the time is right for this strong president to go after China on trade. He has known for years that America is getting ripped off by China and has said so. He REALLY knows what he’s doing on this and the American people should follow his lead. Don’t listen to the spinners on mainstream media!

The media is going nuts today because Trump characterized the trade issue with Cina as a “little squabble”. They’re doing the usual Chicken Little move to say that the sky is falling. Keeping the American people from understanding or supporting our president is their job 24/7.

Steve Hilton chimed in to give facts on China’s trade with the U.S.:

“The snooty establishment call Trump the ignoramus. He was right about China. The entire establishment got it wrong. Now as president, Donald Trump is delivering exactly the tough stance he called for as a private citizen two decades ago…”

This really is a great win by President Trump and a necessary move to make trade between the U.S. and China a fair deal.

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