Every American should see this video…but you know they won’t. It’s easier to deny that the horrors of selling baby parts exists. Planned Parenthood was investigated in a jaw-dropping video series showing the harvest and sale of fetal body parts.

Shocking and disturbing new testimony from an eyewitness just came out…

The video features the testimony of Holly O’Donnell, a former technician for StemExpress, LLC, and a major supplier of aborted fetal body parts for Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood would, in turn, sell those parts to be used for experimentation.

Ms. O’Donnell vividly recalls her first day on the job and some of the horrors that she was forced to witness. This came to light as part of The Center for Medical Progress’s ongoing investigation of the body parts for profit scandal.

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“You can feel the death…I started to get woozy,” says whistle blower, Ms. O’Donnell.

“The videos are true. I wouldn’t be putting myself out, and speaking, if they weren’t true,” O’Donnell continues.

“The people will decide.”

The Center for Medical Progress has been conducting an ongoing, undercover investigation of the real-life business relationship between StemExpress, a major supplier of aborted fetal body parts, and Planned Parenthood, since 2015.

During this time, they have documented with both videos and audio recordings, numerous illegal and unethical practices going on throughout the organization.

O’Donnell’s testimony is the latest update from CMP’s undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood, which have led to criminal investigations by the FBI, as well as an end to financial support from major corporations like AT&T, Coca-Cola, Ford, and Xerox.

The corporate activism watchdog site 2ndvote has uncovered a long list, here, of companies that remain financially committed to the abortion mega-business, despite these latest revelations.

Voting with our dollars is the most effective way to tell Planned Parenthood’s corporate donors what we think of their financial support.

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