A bizarre exchange between a white, male BLM activist wearing a black mask and Dr. Stella Immanuel was caught on camera. Dr. Immanuel, a black, female doctor has been the target of the left since speaking out during a press conference in Washington DC yesterday about the effectiveness of taking a combination of Hydrochloroquine, Zinc, and Azythromyacin to treat COVID patients.

The white male, carrying a black and white umbrella with slogans scribbled on the white panels that read, “Build a wall around Trump,” accused Dr. Immanuel of “betraying” the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement.

“You’re betraying Black Lives Matter!” the white male shouted at her.

“I’m black,” Dr. Immanuel replies as she smiles.

“Yeah, but that’s nothing,” he tells her.

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She reminds the white man criticizing her, “You’re white.”

“You’re not black on the inside!” he shouts back, adding,  “I’m more black on the inside than you are!”

He justified his comments by suggesting she’s the equivalent of a black person supporting slavery, “There are people during the times of slavery who enabled the slavers!”

The bizarre exchange ends with Dr. Emmanuel offering the white man who believes himself to be superior to her, a wrist bump.


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