Throughout the day, BLM protesters were egging on Trump supporters at Trump’s rally in Tulsa, OK, but the Hispanic man selling Trump merchandise on the street won the internet with his takedown of BLM protesters.

Watch what happens when a couple of white Black Lives Matter protesters thought it would be a good idea to pick on a Hispanic Trump supporter.

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“Where’s your daddy from?’ the white BLM protester asked the Trump vendor.

The Hispanic Trump vendor told him his father was born in America

“Are you sure?” he asked.

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The Hispanic man told him that his grandparents and parents are both from America and that his father served in the Vietnam War.

The Hispanic man called out to him as he walked away, “America first!” he said repeatedly, adding, “F*ck BLM!”

The next scene shows the Hispanic Trump supporter saying, “Babies lives matter!” as he finds himself in the middle of yet another confrontation, this time with an elderly white BLM supporter.

“Have babies been oppressed for four centuries?” the BLM protester asks?

The Hispanic man answers, “To this day, I have not met nobody who owns a slave, has slaves, I’ve never met one slave!” he told the BLM protester, telling him, “Stop living in the past!”

“How about you reimburse me for that? I’m a minority—give me my reparations.” the Hispanic man told him. “For what?” the elderly BLM protester asked. “Because I’ve been oppressed,” the Hispanic man answered.

Hilarity ensues when the BLM protester realizes he’s been exposed as a fraud and a hypocrite.


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