In an apparent temper tantrum over Elon Musk’s criticism of the Biden Administration, the White House fires back at Tesla’s CEO

After Elon Musk changed voter registration and slammed the Biden Administration over its lack of accomplishments, the White House decided to fire back.

Musk had stated that the Biden Administration “doesn’t seem to get a lot done,” while also noting that President Trump’s administration officials “were effective at getting things done.”

In retaliation, the White House referred to Elon Musk as an “anti-labor billionaire” and peddled their same tired lies about Biden’s so-called accomplishments–but with a new twist.

From Fox Business:

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“Under President Biden, our economy has roared back with over eight million jobs created, unemployment plummeting, economic growth that outstrips our peer countries, and a historic investment in roads, bridges, ports, and a nationwide EV charging network,” White House spokesperson Michael Gwin told Fox Business. “I think that’s ‘getting things done’ by any measure, but count us as unsurprised that an anti-labor billionaire would look for any opportunity to nip at the heels of the most pro-union and pro-worker President in modern history.”

The new twist is that Biden is now supposed to be the most pro-worker “President” in modern history. Because taxing a workforce and sending their money overseas while their babies starve is pro-worker, according to Democrat logic.

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Meanwhile, President Trump took on outsourcing and produced the greatest employment market of the century, returning more American jobs and manufacturing than Biden’s dementia-addled brain could even think up.

Musk also stated of the Biden “presidency” that “the real president is whoever controls the teleprompter,” referencing a scene in the movie Anchorman.

Whether you are a fan of Elon Musk or not, the Tesla CEO has come under excess fire from the left ever since he began defending freedom of speech. This fire has been exasperated by stating that the Biden Administration is as ineffective and incompetent as they truly are, which has clearly ruffled feathers as White House spokespeople seethe and fire back at a man far more influential than any of them could ever dream of being.

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