On Saturday, Joe Biden is hosting what is reported to be the White House’s “largest Pride celebration in history” in honor of Pride Month. He is also set to announce several new measures to “protect” the LGBTQ community including countering book bans and increasing mental health resources.

Biden intended to host a Pride Month celebration on the White House’s South Lawn on Thursday, but it was postponed due to the poor air quality in Washington from the Canadian wildfires.

The event, which has been pushed back to Saturday, will reportedly have thousands of attendees and will feature singer Betty Who.

White House Domestic Policy Adviser Neera Tanden hailed the event as “the largest Pride celebration in White House history.”

“This year we’re seeing a disturbing surge in violent threats against LGBTQ community organizations, LGBTQ Americans are being targeted for who they are, and that, simply put, is discrimination,” Tanden said.

However, on Thursday Biden will still announce his administration’s new initiatives to protect the LGBTQ+ communities. These measures include the announcement of a new coordinator in the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights who will take charge of an anti-book ban initiative.

Apparently, this “anti-book ban coordinator” will inform school districts on how banning sexually explicit reading material negatively impacts LGBTQ kids and how it is a violation of civil rights laws.

One Biden administration official told reporters, “Across the country, our nation is facing a spike in book bans, and these efforts disproportionately target the LGBTQI+ community as well as communities of color. These aren’t just attacks on the rights of LGBTQI+ Americans, they are part and parcel of a coordinated attack on our democracy.”

Now, banning pornographic books that sick adults so desperately want our nation’s youth to read is a “coordinated attack on our democracy,” according to the Democrats.

The Department of Homeland Security is also expected to announce a new “dedicated safety training and resources”  for community groups, and the DOJ and Department of Health and Human Services will join forces on new advisories to help mental health care providers support transgender youth.

The administration is also expected to unveil new initiatives to care for LGBTQ kids in foster care, as well as to combat youth homelessness in the LGBTQ community.

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