In an effort to keep members of the coronavirus task force as well as President Trump safe, the White House is now taking the temperatures of people before they enter press briefings.

Today, a journalist working for CGTN- an English speaking network owned by China, was tested three times before he was denied entry for exhibiting a body temperature of over 100.4 degrees. According to One America News Network host, Alex Salvi, the journalist was tested three times over a span of 15 minutes, and each time his temperature registered above the CDC guidelines, making him ineligible to enter the briefing.

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Of course, disqualifying the reporter for having a high temperature is a clear act of xenophobia, according to the left, like “Jack Jones,” who tweets, “Treating the dude like he’s a suicide germer. This xenophobia must stop”

During his press conference today, President Trump fielded a slew of negative questions and commentary from a rabid pool of media hitmen and women who passed the temperature test.

The video clip below shows President Trump telling members of the media he’s taken a coronavirus test, and that he’s also had his temperature taken before the press conference. “By the way, I had my temperature taken today,” he told the media. NBC News White House Correspondent Kelly O’Donnell immediately interrupted the president, saying, “So did we.” President Trump acknowledged her statement, saying, “You did? Good.” In an effort to keep the press conference from turning into a panic situation, Trump quipped, “Let’s compare. You wanna compare?” O’Donnell was having none of it, as she was clearly there to attack President Trump and do her best to make him look incompetent.

Watch the exchange here:

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