Today, Lynn Patton, a longtime friend of President Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, and a longtime Trump family friend and employee of the Trump organization, appeared at the House Oversight Committee to refute Cohen’s claim that Donald Trump is a “racist.”

Patton tweeted about her appearance with an older image of her sitting with Michael Cohen.

Here’s the video of Patton’s appearance with Rep. Mark Meadows at the House Oversight Committee hearing with Michael Cohen.

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Shortly after her appearance in defense of President Trump, multiple white, liberal male journalists with large followings on Twitter attacked and demeaned the black female who has been heading up Section II of HUD since June 2017.

Josh Marshall, editor, and publisher of Talking Points Memo refers to Lynne Patton as an “African American party planner”

Brian Klass, a political scientist at UCL and a columnist for the Washington Post calls Patton a “Trump family wedding planner.”  Without knowing anything about how she performed in her job with the Trump organization, Klass states that Patton’s new job with HUD is “due to cronyism.” He goes out of his way to humiliate her, calling her a liar, and claiming she is “totally unqualified” for the HUD job where she is currently working.

Washington Post’s Drew Harwell tweeted that HUD employees were “confused” about over Lynn Patton’s appearance at the hearing.  Harwell does his best to demean Patton, mocking her for making $160,000 a year, working at HUD with no housing experience. Perhaps Drew Harwell missed it, but Barack Obama became a multi-millionaire, and all he had to do was be a lousy, divisive president. His only real-life job experience was working as a “community organizer.”

David Gura of MSNBC accused Patton of not being very well educated, questioning how many college degrees she holds. Gura cites a Washington Post article that attempts to demean the “longtime Trump family employee with no experience in housing.”

Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star mocks Patton and her ability to hold a “senior federal housing job.” Dale appears to be mocking her in his tweet, calling her, “Eric Trump’s wedding planner” and questions Patton’s social media presence.

Instead of attacking her directly, the MSNBC host Kyle Griffin hides behind comments women made to attack her on Twitter. Griffin has over 500K followers on Twitter. Here is one of his attacks, as he hides behind a quote by “Maya Wiley”:

Maya Wiley on Mark Meadows using Lynne Patton to deny Trump’s racism: “The most offensive thing I have ever seen in my life. And to take one person, parade her physically in front of cameras … That was the most irresponsible moment I have seen on TV in a very long time.”

White, male David Corn, DC. bureau chief of far-left Mother Jones makes a joke of Patton seated behind Rep. Mark Meadows. Corn seems to be insinuating that Patton is taking her proper place behind the white lawmaker. Where would Corn like her to sit—on Meadow’s lap—on the table in front of him? Nice racist comment…

It wasn’t just the white, liberal men who demeaned and mocked Lynne Patton, Palestinian activist and Muslim freshman congresswoman demeaned Patton, reducing her to nothing more than a “prop, a black woman” who simply by the fact that she was in the “chamber, in this committee, is alone racist in itself.” Hmmm…so when a black woman who happens to support our President, enters the House chambers, she is immediately labeled a “racist?”

Last, but certainly not least, a white, male on Twitter, Steve Cortes, a CNN commentator, who sits on President Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Council, called out freshman Democrat Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib for her “unwanted slur” of Lynn Patton, calling it a “very racist and dismissive comment!”

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