Independent journalist Drew Hernandez is doing a spectacular job of covering the almost exclusively white mob of D.C. BLM protesters are they roam through the streets of Washington D.C., terrorizing neighborhoods, shutting down traffic, disrupting outdoor diners, shoppers inside a Target and even black cops, who are apparently “racist.”

In this video taken yesterday by Hernandez, he shows a mob of white BLM protesters marching toward a black cop on a motorcycle, chanting, “Hey, hey, ho, ho—These racist cops have got to go!”

The mob of mostly white BLM protesters was led around by the nose for most of the day by a man wearing a see-through blouse. The man with the see-through blouse behaved more like a leader of a cult, as he chanted bizarre instructions for his all-white minions who repeat everything he says, no matter how bizarre.

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Here’s a video that was taken by Drew Hernandez of their fearless leader directing them to shut down traffic in D.C., as they enter a tunnel with oncoming vehicles. They appear to have picked up a few people of color along the way.

“We have to fight the whiteness,” says a young white girl with a megaphone to the crowd of mostly white protesters. She sounds like she’s about 14-15 years old.

Consider supporting the work of independent journalist Drew Hernandez who’s bringing us the truth about what’s happening on the ground in D.C., while the media portrays the BLM protesters as black citizens protesting for justice for George Floyd. George Floyd is nothing more than a distant memory for these Socialist misfits desperate for a revolution, hoping it will offer them an opportunity to become relevant.


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