Last April, two black men were arrested for loitering in a Philadelphia Starbucks. The incident became an international embarrassment for the ultra-liberal company that prides itself on being open and tolerant of everyone regardless of race, sex or ethnicity.

Starbucks bent over backward to apologize to the two customers who were wrongly arrested in their store. After the dust settled, Starbucks offered both men coffee for life and closed every Starbucks store for a social justice boot camp/diversity training program.

Now, a young black man who appeared to be minding his own business inside a Starbucks store was berated and threatened by an angry, white thug, who appears to be part of the Democrat mob Americans are seeing everywhere, after Democrat Representative Maxine Waters (CA) called on her supporters to get in the faces of Trump supporters, and Barack Obama’s former AG, Eric Holder called for violence against Republicans.

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Watch the ugly scene unfold inside of a Starbucks store while the Starbucks employees stand by and watch.

Will Starbucks address this ugly incident that took place in their store? Will they apologize and give the man who was berated,  and physically threatened by a stranger for daring to show his support for our President in a public space?

UPDATE: A NEW, CLOSE-UP PHOTO of the anti-Trump thug has been released. Let’s hope someone recognizes him and turns him into the authorities.

Conservative activist extraordinaire, Scott Presler tweeted the video of the Starbucks incident and asked why Starbucks staff allowed this man to be abused in their store. Presler also asked Donald Trump Jr. if he could arrange to send the black gentleman who was the target of the angry leftist a new signed MAGA hat?

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