Nothing says embracing diversity like dividing interns by color and kicking the white interns to the back of the photo.

It’s pretty fitting that the race obsessed US Rep. from Texas, Sheila Jackson Lee would post such a telling photo on Twitter…

The photo of Dem interns was supposed to be in response to a Paul Ryan selfie that the Democrats, who can never see past the color of one’s skin, posted to show how much more diverse they are.

paul ryan photo interns

So…diversity is kicking White interns to the back of the photo?

H/T Weasel Zippers

Something about this picture is eerily similar to the picture taken  of the crowd taken that exposed the segregation of women and men during London’s new Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan’s speech on the benefits of Britain sticking with the EU. The Muslim women were noticeably segregated from the men as the photo showed them standing behind the men like second class citizens.


The Left is all for diversity, as long as it’s their kind of diversity…

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