It must be nice to be the child of a powerful politician or in Hunter Biden’s case, the son of a feeble, non-sensical, corrupt and controlled, presidential placeholder. “First son” Hunter, with no professional background as an artist, nonetheless will be selling his artwork at a solo exhibition in New York City this fall. His art dealer, ex-con Georges Berges claims that the art is expected to sell between $75,000 and $500,000 per piece, according to Artnet News.

Hunter Biden’s new gig does little to quell concerns that he could once again be trading on his family name as he has done notoriously in the past. Add to that, the fact that all sales of his artwork will be kept confidential, despite his shady business dealings in Ukraine and China, causing many to fear that buyers with nefarious interests could be buying the over-priced pieces to gain access to his father.

There is a legitimate concern that the sales of Biden’s artwork could result in people using laundered money to purchase them and anonymous buyers in places like Russia might try buying the art in an effort to get around sanctions currently imposed in their countries.

The Berges agency, representing Biden’s art dealer assures that it is common for gallery and auction sales to remain confidential, a practice that’s come under increased scrutiny in recent years by law enforcement agencies.

People aren’t buying it.


Conservative commentator John Cardillo tweeted: ‘Hunter Biden’s Art Will Soon Hit the Market for Up to $500,000 Per Piece. Money. Laundering.’

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