The Director-General of the WHO held a press conference today and praised President Trump’s leadership during the coronavirus crisis:

The World Health Organization Director-General praised President Trump’s “commitment at the highest level possible” adding that “the whole world has seen it”, “he’s doing all he can”, “that kind of leadership is very very important” to fight the coronavirus.

During the Coronavirus Task Force press conference today, the topic of the WHO came up. Dr. Fauci said that the organization has had problems in the past but he feels the current director is doing a great job.

There are lingering questions about how the director has handled the coronavirus crisis. Discrepancies in the mortality rate have been questioned. The WHO gave a mortality rate of about 3.4% but the latest figures are at 1.3%.

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A tweet from January 14th of this year saying the coronavirus isn’t contagious is still on Twitter. Chinese Authorities made the claim to the UN’s World Health Organization. The problem is that a report in December (see below) contradicts this claim from the Chinese and the WHO.

How many lives could have been saved if China had been honest from the start?

Did the World Health Organization and China knowingly ignore the person to person transmission of this virus?


A Chinese doctor who warned others on social media was punished and then died from the virus. Why was this doctor punished for warning people?


Instead of taking responsibility for spreading the virus, China has launched a disinformation campaign to try and blame the US and even Somalia for the virus:


Also, the false narrative that it’s “xenophobic” to call the virus the “Chinese virus” has been pushed by American media aiding the Chinese effort to discount the tragedy they caused and then spread to the world.


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