Mike Lindell Has Been Permanently Suspended From Twitter for Saying–With Mountains of Evidence–that the 2020 Election Was Won By Donald Trump.  He remains resolute and defiant to the Twitter Gods.

President Trump and My Pillow Founder, Mike Lindell who is a strong supporter of President Trump and of The American Constitution

After locking him out from his account for two weeks, Twitter has now permanently suspended Mike Lindell’s Twitter account due to wrongthink thought crimes for being conservative. This comes despite massive lawsuits alleging Twitter condones and supports pedophilia discussions and accepts it on its platform.

Huh.  Some thought crimes (and accompanying actions) are worse than others to Twitter, I guess.

Mike Lindell has been open in his rhetorical and monetary support of President Donald Trump.  Using at least $2.5 million of his own money and time to investigate and inform himself and others, he has come to the obvious conclusion that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump.


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But, Mr. Lindell who is from Minnesota, appears to be a man of integrity and conviction.  He is being sued by the vicious team at Dominion Voting Systems, who is alleged–with mountains of evidence–to have aided in the theft of the 2020 election.  After being banned from Twitter,  he spoke with the Minneapolis Star Tribune which is most notable for chronicling the corruption of Minnesota Anti-American leftist politician Ilhan Omar for months:

“They froze me out. Everyone thought it was still up, but I couldn’t like or do anything,” Lindell said. “They really had already banned me without the public knowing. I don’t want Jack Dorsey tweeting for me.”

The Star Tribune also admits what everyone knows is true:

“Republicans have complained for several years their views are disproportionately suppressed on the tech platforms.”

Twitter Says Lindell violated some vague Civil Integrity policy (which apparently doesn’t include pedophilia, as noted above, or its long history of tweets organizing Antifa/BLM riots):

“It’s unclear what specific tweets by Lindell led to the company’s decision. Twitter did not immediately respond to a request from the Star Tribune for more information.

This is a common practice of Big Tech to produce one-sided anti-conservative anti-American results while claiming to not be biased: apply vague rules unequally among different political or religious beliefs and actions.

“Lindell said he was able to tweet Monday a blog post that portrayed him in a positive light, written by the executive director of Lindell Recovery Network, an addiction recovery organization Lindell started.”

So, Mike Lindell is guilty of self promotion?  And for that he is banned?

With such a policy, there would be no one left on all of social media, which is a cesspool of narcissism.

As we previously reported, like Rudy Giuliani, Lindell has no intention of backing down from the truth (emphasis added):

“Mike Lindell, a devout Christian, is not worried about a letter from Dominion lawyers threatening defamation. Like President Trump, Lindell is a fighter and is vowing to fight back, telling Axios that he’s looking forward to Dominion’s lawsuit. “I want Dominion to put up their lawsuit because we have 100% evidence that China and other countries used their machines to steal the election.”

Mike Lindell spoke with RSB Network today, where he demanded that he has “100% evidence that China and other countries” took our whole election, adding, “I’ve seen it, I have access to it.”

Lindell explains that every person in America needs to see the evidence he has, regardless of party. “This wasn’t just one country,” Lindell explained.”

The new Star Tribune report shows that Lindell still remains resolute despite all the hardships being put in America’s way.  In fact, Lindell still relishes the chance for his day in court against the tyrants who he believes (with mountains of evidence) stole this election, including Dominion Voting System

“I want to get sued by Dominion because then both sides have to show in court…Dominion’s lawyers are not going to bother me because they know I have all this (evidence),” Lindell said. “My support of Donald Trump has never wavered since the time I met him and it never will. Never ever, ever. They stole this election from him, these machines.

Lindell said he has spent $2.5 million investigating the election and challenging its results. He also berated the mainstream media for repeatedly calling his claims baseless and unsubstantiated.

I have piles and piles of evidence if anyone wants to publish it,” Lindell said. He said he is trying to furnish the evidence to the U.S. Supreme Court, though he did not say how.

In an earlier interview, Lindell told a Star Tribune reporter that “Minnesota was taken by the machines, too” and claimed without evidence that Trump had actually won the state by 60,000 votes. However, just six Minnesota counties use Dominion machines and Trump won all but one of those counties.


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