The Washington old guard has been speaking out right and left to declare President Trump to be the worst human on the planet. They’re trying to fire up their base by fomenting images of evil dictators. They’re calling him vile names and even calling him Hilter. It’s sickening but exposes them as unhinged and hateful people. They claim to want to unite, but who would want to join this hateful crowd?

Democrat Rep. Jim Clyburn just compared President Trump to Hitler and then called Trump voters stupid:

TRANSCRIPT: “…And then I’ve been telling people for a long time now I’m beginning to see what happened in Germany back in the 1930s. I never thought that could happen in this country. How do you elect a person president, then all of a sudden give him the authority to be dictator. That’s what we’re teetering on here. That’s what Hitler did in Germany. He was elected chancellor and then because he uh successfully discredited the news media…took over the churches.

I cannot see that happening here. It may happen, but if it did, that means that the American people are much more less I should say intelligent than I think they are.”

Notice how Cuomo says NOTHING in return. Unbelievable!

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