Barack Obama and first lady, Michelle, attended their final Kennedy Center Honors gala on Saturday night.

There’s something very satisfying about reading the “Obama’s” and “final” in the same sentence. Anytime the Obama’s attend an event for the last time as our President and First Lady, I find myself counting our blessings.

But seriously…what was Michelle wearing?


On Saturday night, Obama was joined by First Lady Michelle to honor actor Al Pacino, gospel singer and civil rights activist Mavis Staples, members of rock band the Eagles, singer-songwriter James Taylor, and pianist Martha Argerich.

Stephen Colbert hosted the star-studded gala in Washington DC, and Secretary of State John Kerry doled out the medallions for one of the country’s most prestigious awards for performing artists.


Before the gala kicked off, Barry struck an arrogant pose during our national anthem. (Perhaps we should just be grateful the Obama’s didn’t take a knee.)


Kennedy Center president Deborah Rutter said Obama and Kerry have enthusiastically welcomed the honorees every year, and the honorees have been eager to spend time with them as well.

Kerry in particular went out of his way this year, flying from Rome to Washington on Saturday to attend the honors dinner before a scheduled trip to Berlin on Sunday. –DM

How wonderful that Kerry was able to fly back to Washington on the taxpayers dime from Rome and then back to Berlin, just so he could rub shoulders with the honorees and other invited celebrities.

Rutter noted that Obama has a ‘very personal relationship with quite a number of artists’. (donors)

John Kerry with Al Pacino
John Kerry with Al Pacino

Remember when Mooch’s designer announced she would refuse to design clothes for First Lady-elect Melania Trump? Based on some of the get-ups Michelle has worn to public events in the official capacity as our First Lady, perhaps a thank you note is in order…


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