George Soros backed prosecutors in LA and SF facing a potential recall with mass citizen support.

Gascón, formerly D.A. in San Francisco and now DA in Los Angeles, and his friend Boudin, current D.A. of San Francisco, were initially elected on elite-backed BLM crusades. The former wrote Prop 47, reducing crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. Naturally, this increased crime across the state. However, it wasn’t just the Black Lives Matter brigade that got these radicals into office. In fact, George Soros himself funded Gascón with certainty and, more than likely, Boudin as well.

Chesa Boudin (Left) and George Gascón (Right)

Although there are a number of outrageous actions behind both of these crooked men, perhaps the most infamous is the trying of a 26-year-old child molester as a juvenile girl. After a few years of rising crime rates, fulfilling pedophiles’ dreams, and decreased incarceration rates, LA and San Fransisco residents have apparently decided that enough is enough, and the two Soros-stooges are facing recall with broad citizen support.

From the American Thinker: Even the prosecutors working under Gascón are agitating against him, and, in February, a recall movement began.  This effort, the second attempt, may be the one that works.  According to the organizers, not only have they raised $3.5 million, but they’ve already collected 125,000 signatures of the 566,857 they need by July 6 to get his recall on the ballot.

Just as Gascón’s foes are optimistic, so are Boudin’s — especially because of a newly released poll showing that 68% of San Francisco voters support recalling Boudin, 74% think badly of him, and 61% believe he “is responsible for rising crime rates in San Francisco, especially burglaries and thefts.”

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The meddling by Soros and other radical left elitists across the American political and judicial systems are finally reaping what they have sewn. Even Bay Area liberals are in support of removing one of their own at this point. With Soros’s political stranglehold loosening in California’s justice system, one can only hope that other leftist-controlled states such as New York are next to wise up.

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