Will his comments about Barack Obama’ race help or hurt his campaign? Do you agree with Carson? Do you think  Obama used all of the privileges afforded to him by his white mother and grandparents, then used  his “victim card” to gain support from black voters?

Barack Obama was “raised white”, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has claimed.

Mr Carson said the president could not understand the African-American experience the way he could.

Mr Obama was born to a white American mother and a black Kenyan father. Mr Carson’s parents are African-American.

The comments by Mr Carson – a retired neurosurgeon who finished last in South Carolina’s primary – were criticised as “loose talk” by another Republican.


“He’s an ‘African’ American. He was, you know, raised white,” Mr Carson told a Politico podcast on Tuesday.

“Many of his formative years were spent in Indonesia. So, for him to, you know, claim that, you know, he identifies with the experience of black Americans, I think, is a bit of a stretch.”

“But I also recognise that his experience and my experience are night-and-day different. He didn’t grow up like I grew up by any stretch of the imagination,” he said.

The 64-year-old had a poor upbringing in Detroit but made it to Yale before a brilliant career as a neurosurgeon.

But he has been struggling in the Republican nomination race and finished sixth out of six in South Carolina at the weekend.Via:BBC

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