LOL! Chris “thrill up his leg” Matthews does his best to convince Steve Cortez, a Trump surrogate that he’s not part of the liberal mainstream media. Matthew’s boasts that over his decades long career as a political hack, he’s criticized Al Gore’s campaign and even…gasp…criticized Bill Clinton’s elicit affair with a young intern. In reality, he criticized Al Gore’s campaign because he lost to George W. Bush and even wth the full-force of the crooked Democrat party behind him, they couldn’t find a way to make the numbers work in Gore’s favor during the hotly contested recount in Florida. We’re not even going to comment on the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. The only reason the media didn’t embarrass Hillary for habitually enabling her husband to sexually assault any female who was unfortunate enough to get caught behind a closed door with her rapist husband, is because they always knew this day was coming. They always knew Hillary would scratch and claw her way through any criminal controversy and find herself at the top of the Democrat Party as the “anointed one”.

But oh yeah…back to Chris Matthews and his “objectivity” when it comes to the Clintons:

As a side note, here’s Chris being “objective” on Hillary in March, 2016:

hillary banner chris matthews

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