Comey defied his boss by sending a letter to Congress…Yes, Loretta Lynch is the ultimate decision maker in this case. You can count on this to get political right about now… 

FBI Director James Comey defied his boss’s instructions when he told Congress he will reopen the probe into Hillary Clinton private e-mail server, according to a report on Saturday.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch asked Comey to follow past Justice Department policies and not do anything to meddle in an election — but he felt compelled to do so anyway, because he promised to update Congress with any developments in the case, an Administration official told the New Yorker.

Comey — a Republican who was appointed by President Obama — also felt that the upcoming election was precisely why the public needed to be informed, the source added.

Lynch and Justice Department officials are now studying the unprecedented situation, the Administration source told the publication.

A former senior Justice Department official called Comey’s Friday letter to Congress “aberrational,” and said it “violates decades of practice.”

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