The most important and relevant conservative journalist in a century knew that Hillary’s Campaign Chairman John Podesta was a criminal and a thug many years ago. His loss can never be measured. I can’t even imagine the effect he would be having on these elections if he were still alive today. 
Watch Breitbart hit back at Dave Weigel, a “journalist” working for the liberal rag Slate Magazine at CPAC. When Breibart told this leftist reporter, “We’re playing to win,” it reminded me of how many yellow-bellied Republicans have refused to get behind Trump in this critical election to defeat evil. It reminds me of the cowards who won’t put a Trump sign in their front yard, but will tell you secretly they’re supporting Trump. Andrew Breitbart knew how to employ the tactics of the Left against them and Trump has been taking on the Left in much the same way as Andrew did when he was alive. 

**Language warning***

Many people don’t know this, but Andrew Breitbart was the person responsible for outing Anthony Weiner. Andrew’s name and reputation were drug through the gutter by every mainstream media outlet known to modern man, but Andrew fought back. He was a modern day Goliath. If Andrew Breitbart  didn’t expose Anthony Weiner years ago, there wouldn’t be any reopening of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email.

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