If this investigative report is accurate, and if George Soros is the mega-donor who is secretly behind the massive funding for this recount effort, he must believe he has a decent chance of pulling off a reversal of the election results, thereby giving the election to his friend and fellow globalist Hillary…
An investigative journalist reports donations to Jill Stein’s recount campaign are being made programmatically at a steady rate of $160,000 per hour

According to the post a donations to Jill Stein’s election recount campaign are being made at a steady rate of $160,000 on the hour every hour of the day.

The constant rate of donation, 24 hours a day, suggest that a computer program is being used to post the donations as opposed to real people making grassroots donation.

However, the donations are being reported as grassroots donations from a myriad of online supporters to help her verify the integrity of the election.

However, if real individuals are in fact making the actual donations they rate of the donations should drop over night when internet traffic is low.

The rate should then steadily pick up during the course of the day up and then culminate during the “internet rush hour” when usage peaks, which is usually between 7 and 11 PM.

For example the BBC,  the UK’s equivalent of CNN, reports hourly average internet usage usage is as follows:


If Jill Stein’s recount campaign was real and donations are in fact coming in from real grass roots supporters then donations to the campaign should reflect this curve in some manner.

However, they do not follow the curve of typical internet..

Instead they are coming in at a constant hourly rate of $160,000 per hour every hour on the hour.

To illustrate, HNN has compile this graph of Stein’s donations per hour superimposed on the BBC’s graph of internet usage per hour by device.


The graph illustrates Jill Stein’s recount donations in orange with a red outline which plots recount donations coming in at a constant rate of 4.16% per hour.

It is impossible for Jill Stein’s recount campaign to be receiving the same amount of donations from real online users every hour on the hour when real internet usage among devices varies widely hour to hour, specifically it peaks in the evening and becomes virtually non-existent between 1 am and 6 am in the morning.

This clearly indicates the donations to the recount campaign are not from “grassroots internet users” but instead are the result of a computer programmed bot which is working behind the scenes to fund the campaign.


It is almost as perplexing that Jill Stein’s managed to raise in less than 24 hours more money than she has raised throughout her entire campaign but that is another story. Namely, Hillary Clinton is having Jill dirty her hands to demand a recount so Hillary is not implicated in not accepting the results of the election.

It is still uncertain there is even a prima facie case for Stein to even demand a recount given she failed to capture more than 2% of the vote in any state. If Republicans stand their ground on this argument, Hillary will have to step out from behind her proxy and get her own hands hands dirty to force a recount to happen.

Via Reddit:

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