Are you a loving individual or family looking to adopt an abandoned dog or cat? Are you the kind of person who would care for a dog or cat like a member of the family and give it the love and care that it may never have known? Are you prepared to make significant changes to your lifestyle and give a once-abandoned dog the time, love, attention, health care, and support they desperately need? If you answered ‘yes,’ to any of these questions, congratulations, you would make an excellent parent of an adopted dog.

But, if you’re looking to adopt a dog or cat from the Shelter Hope Pet Shop in Thousand Oaks, CA, there’s one more question you will need to answer before you will be allowed to give

Do you oppose the Second Amendment?

According to a new statement released by Shelter Hope Pet Shop, which adopts abandoned dogs and cats, it will no longer adopt these abandoned pets to potential loving owners who fully support the Second Amendment.

“We do not support those who believe that the 2nd amendment gives them the right to buy assault weapons,” the statement from Shelter Hope Pet Shop reads, adding, “If your beliefs are not in line with ours, we will not adopt a pet to you.”

Karen Sill, the owner of Shelter Pet Shop, writes: “If you hesitate, because your core belief is that you believe teachers need to carry firearms, then you will not get approved to adopt from us. If you foster for us and believe in guns, please bring our dogs and/or cats back, or we will arrange to have them picked up.”

Karen Sill Shelter Hope Pet Shop owner

The Shelter Hope Pet Shop statement warns they will interview prospective parents for an hour and warns that they will “grill you” before they agree to an interview and if during the interview, “you lie about a NRA supporter, make no mistake, we will sue you for fraud,” adding that they will only adopt their pets to “like-minded humans.”

Sill completes her radical statement to potential dog and cat adoptive parents with a note about how gun and ammunition manufacturer Remington just settled a lawsuit for 73 million with Sandy Hook parents who sued them.” Still, the lawsuit “didn’t stop the recent mass shootings,” so Sill is hoping her Stalinist efforts will make the change necessary to stop bad people from killing other people.

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