Rampant crime in the liberal city of Portland, Oregon, is turning the rest of the state red.

American Lookout reports – Voters are so tired of the problem that the Republican candidate for governor has a significant chance of winning the election.

Christine Drazan’s campaign is gaining momentum at just the right time.

FOX News reports:

Oregon voters ‘fed up’ with Portland crime could elect Republican governor, Maryland Gov. Hogan says

Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan is enthusiastic about the GOP’s chances of winning Oregon’s gubernatorial race, predicting relentless crime could drive voters to flip the state red and elect Republican Christine Drazan.
“Portland is a poster child for far-left policies run amuck,” Hogan told “America’s Newsroom” host Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino Thursday after visiting the city.

“People are doing hard drugs that are now legalized all over the streets; there are homeless people… a 207% increase in violent crime…”

Hogan went on to call Drazan a “great” candidate to replace outgoing Democrat Gov. Kate Brown in November, arguing many in Oregon have grown tired of the status quo.

Explaining Drazan’s chances against Democrat opponent Tina Kotek, he pointed to his own victory in Maryland – a typically blue state – eight years ago, when he said a poll indicated that 48% of the state’s residents wanted to leave.

Watch one of Christine Drazan’s ads below:

This recent poll shows Drazan running even with the Democrat candidate.

Can you imagine if a Republican won Oregon this year?

That would send a pretty strong message.

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