The economic devastation is very real in West Virginia. Obama promised to shut down the coal industry as one of his bold campaign promises in 2008. Hillary’s plan is to keep the dream of shutting down the coal industry alive long after Obama is out of office. 

Coal miners are taking and stand and letting America know they are not going to sit back and watch their livelihoods and towns destroyed by a radical leftist President. Watch here:

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“Let’s put it this way. Hillary Clinton says she’s going to shut you down. Bernie Sanders says the same thing. Then you got Donald Trump saying we’re going to put you back to work, we’re going to save your jobs. I mean, that means a whole lot to us. Whether it’s true or not, the man is the first one who says we’re going to put you back to work. So I’m going to support him. I mean if he goes back on his word, we got another election if four years, we’ll vote him out.”

West Virginia Coal Association VP speaks out against Hillary here:

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