Much to the surprise of many Americans, former Vice President Joe Biden is back on top in the Democrat Party’s presidential polls.

While campaigning in Iowa, the gaffe master Democrat took a big hit to his ego when an Iowa man seated at the Corn Stalk Cafe refused to acknowledge him.

One photo of a hard-working farmer in the midwest ignoring Democrat presidential frontrunner, Joe Biden, as he stands next to him, sums up how the forgotten men and women feel about the party that abandoned them several decades ago.

Perhaps Democrats shouldn’t spend three years trash-talking middle America, and then in an election year, expect the forgotten men and women to welcome them with open arms when they come begging for votes.

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National Politico correspondent, Natasha Korecki, who’s tasked with covering the Democrat Party’s Iowa Caucuses, asked the farmer why he ignored the former VP, who was standing next to him at the cafe?

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The Politico reporter tweeted:

I ask the guy if he just wasn’t a fan of Biden’s and he says “who?” I say the former VP. The man, who farms in the Missouri Valley says he’s never heard of Joe Biden.

He says “are you serious?”

When I say he was Obama’s veep, I get an “ohhhhh.

I’m not an Obama fan.

This is Republican country.”

Korecki attempted to cover for the unpopular VP, by adding:

To be fair, the game was on


I’ve been to “spontaneous” cafe visits by presidential candidates. For several hours before the candidate make their “spontaneous” appearance, cameras are set up around the cafe, large media trucks with satellites on top are parked around the cafe, and in the case of a current or former president or vice president, Secret Service is actively surveilling the location in advance of  their arrival.

We’re pretty sure this unimpressed Iowan farmer knew Joe was coming—he simply didn’t care. Joe Biden didn’t do anything for the state of Iowa during Obama’s eight years in office, why should anyone believe he’ll do anything for them now? Do you agree? Tell us in the comment section below what you would you do if you were in a cafe, and one of the current Democrat presidential candidates showed up.

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