How did they get here? Who helped them get here?…

Hundreds of Congolese illegal aliens have come to the U.S. border seeking asylum. You would think our media would be asking questions about how they got here and who helped them but our media ignores the border invasion.

It took a Swiss investigative journalist to look into this curious flow of Congolese.

Urs Gehriger came all the way to the U.S. to interview the Congolese illegals:

Where are they going? Portland, Maine…

Claude Rwaganje, founder of Prosperity Maine, moved to Maine from Congo two decades ago.

He says he doesn’t want the citizens of Portland, Maine to feel these invaders are a liability…but they are. The city budget and state budget suffers because of this extra expense. The people coming there will need social services in order to support themselves yet this Congolese migrant thinks we should see these invaders as an “asset”???

“Instead we should see them as an asset. We have an aging state. I see it on the board of the Chamber and I know that every day when we meet we hear people talking about the need for workers.” – Claude Rwaganje

The City Manager said “it was totally unexpected” that the town got 96 Congolese people shipped to them from San Antonio.

The local news in Portland, Maine reported on the huge influx of Congolese illegals:

The local city budget is stretched with the arrival of the illegals who will be using city services.

Illegal aliens have become asylum seekers so we take in anyone who claims they want asylum for some reason:

The asylum seekers take priority over city services in cities like Portland, Maine. The city was planning on cutting some social services but there was a demonstration before the vote to cut the funds.

Portland’s City Council voted in May restore funding for social services it previously intended to cut.

Prior to the vote, demonstrators voiced opposition to a budget some said would undermine the city’s reputation as compassionate and inclusive.

“Specifically we’re talking about maintaining funding for an emergency shelter for anyone who needs it. We’re talking about maintaining the Portland Community Support Fund, which provides financial assistance to asylum seekers when they are not eligible for general assistance.”

How long can the citizens of this American city cut city services in order to fund asylum seekers? Who comes first? Shouldn’t it be the tax paying citizens of Portland, Maine?

The local Press Herald goes in-depth on the huge strain the influx of illegals has caused:

Portland Expo to serve as emergency shelter as influx of asylum seekers creates ‘a very critical situation’

Mbemba Rey stands with family members on Chestnut Street outside the City of Portland Family Shelter on Wednesday. Rey, who does not speak English, was hesitant to share his story with a French-speaking reporter, but said he is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and traveled through Central America to reach the United States. Rey said he arrived in Portland on Tuesday. Press Herald staff photo by Ben McCanna

Shouldn’t Americans come first over people who were smuggled into the U.S.?

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