Leave it to NY Mayor de Blasio to give his lefty loony reasoning for  his municipal ID program:

“This ID address substantially the notion that we all matter and everyone has an identity.” 

Liberals are so funny with the twisting of the terms for illegal aliens so they can give them what legal citizens get. While common sense conservatives want illegals to be deported, open borders advocates want to give them a municipal ID card and all the benefits of taxpaying Americans! They should get nothing AND they should be sent home. One NY Assemblywoman wants to stop the ID card program that Mayor de Blasio supports because of the security risk, but I believe it’s just a big waste of taxpayer dollars. Leave it to a Commie Mayor to deduce that because we all should matter, that we all should have this ID card…Oy vey! 

ALBANY — In the wake of the latest wave of terrorism, a Staten Island assemblywoman is calling on Mayor de Blasio to stop issuing municipal ID cards to undocumented immigrants.

“In a time of heightened alarm, we must take precautionary measures to ensure safety and security for New York’s citizens,” Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis said.

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She argued that the city’s municipal ID card program makes it easy for potential terrorists to obtain fraudulent identities.

City officials blasted calls to suspend the ID program as “irresponsible, fact-free fear mongering.”

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“To reduce the risk of a government-issued identification falling into the wrong hands and prevent another tragic incident from happening here at home, the lax distribution of identification should be suspended immediately,” Malliotakis said.

But city officials said they have no intention of stopping the ID program and blasted calls to suspend it as “irresponsible, fact-free fear mongering.”


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