It’s hard to keep of track of the amount of aid the United States has sent Ukraine since its conflict with Russia began in February 2022.

Figures put the number above $100 billion.

However, the Biden administration and most of Congress seem determined to give Ukraine more American resources.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited New York City this week for the 78th session of the UN General Assembly.

Before speaking at the assembly, Zelenskyy stopped by a Staten Island hospital to see wounded Ukrainian soldiers.


Why are Ukrainian soldiers being treated in American hospitals?

Were they flown to the United States to receive treatment paid by the American government, thus U.S. taxpayers?

According to WSJ News, the injured Ukrainian soldiers are receiving a specialist physical therapy at Staten Island University Hospital.


The New York Post reports:

Zelensky thanked Ukrainian fighters receiving treatment at the hospital and even helped one soldier out of his wheelchair and to his feet as the two took a photo together.

During his visit, Zelensky handed out commendations to the injured soldiers, some confined to wheelchairs and others with prosthetic limbs. He also toured the facility.

During a short address to the soldiers in the room, Zelensky reportedly issued the country’s battle cry, “Glory to Ukraine” with soldiers replying “Glory to the heroes” in Ukrainian.

Michael Dowling — the CEO of Northwell Health, which owns Staten Island University Hospital — said 18 Ukrainian soldiers have received treatment at the medical center since March.

“We have an obligation to help with the situation in Ukraine as much as we possibly can,” Dowling said in front of Zelensky, hospital staff and the wounded soldiers, according to footage captured by Sky News.

During his speech, Zelensky lectured the crowd about climate change.

“Humanity is failing on its climate policy objectives,” he said.


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