There are plenty of phonies in politics, and it could be that Beto O’Rourke is pulling off a case of cultural appropriation right before our eyes with the help of the media.

Is he using the name ‘Beto’ instead of his real name Robert Francis O’Rourke for purposes of trying to seem Hispanic? He has denied this, but it sure is working in his favor.

He was born with the name “Robert Frances O’Rourke” and then switched to “Beto” in childhood. He switched back to “Robert” in boarding school and at Columbia. It was when “Beto” returned to El Paso to run for political office that he went back to “Beto”. 

The left is even calling him out for his cultural appropriation:

The Daily Beast’s Ruben Navarette Jr. reports:

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Beto Tries to Trick Hispanics Into Thinking He’s One of Them

“From what I’ve seen in both the Senate race and its aftermath, he doesn’t mind if some Latinos jump to that conclusion and vote for him because of some misplaced sense of ethnic loyalty. 

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And judging from the mail and tweets I get when I write about O’Rourke, I can tell you that many Latinos think he is one of us. 

It’s all part of Beto’s storyline as a cultural enigma.

The media is even being fooled by the fake Hispanic name:

David Martosko tweeted out a quote from the Associated Press claiming that “Mr. O’Rourke also spoke at length in his native Spanish.”


Beto is using all of the gimmicks he can to fool the masses. He speaks in word salad that might sound good but is just nonsense.

The AP quietly altered the wording of the article after backlash:

The altered paragraph

His claims of using the name don’t fly according to a linguist:

“Per Wikipedia, he was given the name Beto because it is a nickname for a name in Spanish ending in -erto. However, I’ve been a Spanish linguist since 1960 and NEVER heard this one in use. I suspect it’s a pure invention by someone in his family and like “Cheekbones” Warren, he eventually believed it.”

Beto is obviously pandering for votes. The low information voters are buying into his charade too:


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