Will Daily Wire’s Editor-In-Chief Ben Shapiro, ever stop trashing President Trump?

Earlier today, it was announced that the Weekly Standard, a never-Trump publication is about to fold. So, how is it that the Daily Wire’s editor-in-chief, Ben Shapiro has been able to fly under the radar with his snarky, condescending and downright mean comments about our President so long, without any backlash from the Daily Wire’s readers?

Only months before the election, Ben Shapiro wrote a piece called “I Will Never Vote For Donald Trump. Here’s Why.” In his article, the never-Trumper claimed Donald Trump was pro-Planned Parenthood, is a racist, a sexist and that Trump does not stand for our God-given rights or the United States Constitution. Shapiro also arrogantly claimed that he stands for conservatism and that Donald Trump does not.

We’ve all heard this rhetoric before; it’s the same nonsense we heard from the “I’m more conservative than you” chest-beating writers and editors at the soon to be defunct Weekly Standard.

Here’s a screenshot of a portion of that article:

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This afternoon, the sanctimonious never-Trump editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire, mocked President Trump, lumping him together with two former presidents that Donald Trump has absolutely nothing in common with.

Today, at the funeral of our 41st President, George H. W. Bush, the world witnessed the most embarrassing and unbecoming behavior from a group of former presidents and first ladies in the history of our nation. The group of leftist thugs seated in the front pew at George HW Bush’s funeral included Barack and Michelle Obama, the most divisive couple to ever occupy our White House. Sitting next to them, was former President Bill Clinton, who has earned his reputation as a serial sexual predator. After defeating President George HW Bush for a second term, to become the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton carried his sexual escapades into the White House, where he was impeached for lying about having sexual relations with a 19-year old intern, Monica Lewinsky, under his desk in the Oval Office. His wife, Hillary, made history, as the first former first lady to also serve as a Secretary of State. While serving as our nation’s secretary of state under Barack Obama, she sold uranium to the Russians, sent highly-classified emails on a private server, left four Americans to die in Benghazi and then intentionally lied about the reason for the attack on our embassy there. In the running against Barack Obama for the worst president ever, former President Jimmy Carter sat at the end of the pew with his wife, Rosalyn.

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Only one former president shook the hands of President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, and that’s because they were sitting next to him, it was clearly unavoidable. President Trump extended his hand out to both of the Obama’s. After shaking his hand, Michelle laid back in her seat like a bratty middle school aged girl who was forced to “make friends” with a girl she spent the last year-and-a-half bullying. Her husband, Barack, arrogantly lifted his chin and remained in the same ridiculous position for several seconds. Bill Clinton reluctantly shook Melania’s hand but refused to shake President Trump’s hand (he likely knew he would pay a heavy price for doing so), as his wife Hillary was visibly seething, looking straight ahead.

Curiously, on today of all days, when the media has been especially relentless in their bashing our President, Ben Shapiro, editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire, found it necessary to bash President Trump, as he referred to Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and President Donald J. Trump as “These three dudes.” In his nasty tweet, Shapiro asked if out of 330 million people, these “three dudes” were the “best we could come up with?”

Shapiro tweets: There are 330 million people in America. These three dudes are the best we could come up with, and the latest alternative was the terrible lady on the end.

Funny, Shapiro never mentions he did everything in his power to put the “terrible lady on the end” in the Oval Office.

Maybe someone should tell Shapiro that a big chunk of revenue Daily Wire collects, is from conservative readers who visit their website, who also happen to support our President, and that perhaps they aren’t interested in watching Shapiro unfairly trash a man who has sacrificed so much to save our nation.

It’s obvious why Shapiro questioned how Bill Clinton and Barack Obama could have become Presidents of the United States. Neither one of them has any experience in the real world (except for Barack Obama’s community organizing), and wouldn’t know how to negotiate their way out of a paper bag. Donald J. Trump is a completely different breed of President than Obama or Clinton. Trump loved his country so much that he walked away from his highly business empire, where he worked closely with his beloved family and committed to doing whatever was necessary to fix what the previous presidents had broken, which, as it turns out, was mainly our nation’s spirit.

Since he decided to run for office, Trump made a lot of enemies on the left, but he’s stayed the course and fought back against the hate-filled media, the Democrat Party, and even from sanctimonious never-Trumpers like Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire and Bill Kristol of the soon to be defunct Weekly Standard.

Why do we care that Ben Shapiro trashes our President? Maybe it’s because there are already enough people on the left whose sole purpose in life is to criticize and lie about him. Maybe Americans are just getting sick and tired of the all of the hate. Perhaps, Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire publication should think twice about putting President Trump in the same category as Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, if they still want readers who support and admire our President to click on their website.

After getting thrashed by Twitter users for his disgusting remarks about President Trump, Shapiro apologized for the “timing.”

Well-played Shapiro…let’s hope your readers don’t see your “poorly timed” tweet.

UPDATE: Kathy Griffin, the former comedian who lost her career when she held a bloodied, decapitated head of President Trump up for the cameras retweeted Shapiro’s tweet:

FYI…When Kathy Griffin retweets your anti-Trump tweets, you know you’re on the wrong side.



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