We’ve been reporting on the Muslim Day Parade in NYC for a few years now. It’s shocking and crazy that this is actually called a “parade”. The parade for 2013 was pretty open with ISIS flags displayed and then the 2014 parade (below) was waaay over the top. So what happened in 2015 to the outward display of jihadist and terrorist “ideals” in the streets of New York?

The 2015 Parade was low-key but here’s a group of Syrians at the 2015 Parade blocking Christians:

It kind of makes me worry that all this has gone underground but please take the time to watch the videos – pretty shocking!

A Parade is supposed to show floats representing some of the core patriotic identities of a culture; the positive aspects. Muslims, having little positives to share with the world, chose to display the exact symbols representing their religion and culture: murders, barbarity, terrorism, violence, bigotry and hatred.

The message these images should send to people is that Muslims are so indoctrinated they can never relax from these sick ideals.

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From staged displays of the kafir Yazidis heading to the ISIS slave market to be sold for $10 each as sex slaves, to a woman with a noose around her neck (representing Egypt), to business cards with anti-Christian hints, to cardboard military tanks, bombs and plastic guns – all of the usual Muslim ugliness and demonism on full display.


This is what they celebrate on a happy occasion like a Parade. Can’t imagine what they do on less happy days.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Rabia hand sign – the mother ship of all Islamic terror organizations – is flourishing at the parade as usual. The black flags of jihad for ISIS and al Qaeda support had been toned down a bit from last year’s parade. The anti-Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Egypt’s president, displays shows a clear affiliation to the terrorist group that tried to overthrow Egypt’s government.




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