Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell quietly worked to undermine Trump during his entire presidency.  When President Trump was acquitted during the shambolic January 6th impeachment proceedings, McConnell voted against his conviction in the Senate but suggested that he should be prosecuted as a private citizen.

McConnell has also quietly backed Never Trump RINO’s for the 2022 midterms in an attempt to exert control over the party and erase Trump’s influence.

When McConnell is actively working against his own base, who still overwhelmingly supports Trump to be the presidential nominee in 2024, it’s no secret that Republicans don’t like him.

In an interview with Axios today, the interviewer discussed McConnell’s low approval ratings among Republicans and asked why they hated him.

He responded by saying that he does not believe he is accountable to the Republican base and did not address their concerns at all.


The Daily Mail Reports-



‘There’s no obvious challenge to your leadership. People like to gin it up, but there isn’t. And yet recent polls show your approval rating is in the 30s among Republicans,’ Swan said. ‘Why do they hate you?’

McConnell, the most powerful elected Republican in Washington, chuckled before beginning his response.

‘Look — there are two constituents that are important to doing this job. The people of Kentucky, who have sent me here seven times, and the Republican members of the Senate, who elected me eight times without opposition,’ the lawmaker said.

‘My job is not to run up political popularity nationally. I’m not running for anything nationally.’

However he admitted that any official leading a political party often ‘irritated’ people in multiple ways.

‘One hundred percent of the opposition doesn’t like you. And you have to make decisions between factions at various times, and frequently you don’t have that great of support internally,’ McConnell said.

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