President Joe Biden should have already given his first address to the Joint Session of Congress. Why is the media ignoring the clear obfuscation of the long-held tradition for an “elected” President to address the nation before the end of February?

Becker News– Although the mainstream press is issuing “fact checks” to dispute the claim Biden was supposed to have had one by February 20th, the AP earlier reported that he was supposed to have had one by… *checks calendar*… yesterday.

“US President Joe Biden is expected to deliver the annual State of the Union address on 23 February 2021 (date is still to be confirmed),” the Associated Press reported.

Here we are in March, and still, there is no SOTU speech on the White House schedule.

Every elected president since 1981 gave their first address to the Joint Session of Congress by the end of February.

President Ronald Reagan (first term): February 18, 1981
President Ronald Reagan (second term): February 06, 1985
President George H.W. Bush: February 09, 1989
President Bill Clinton (first term): February 17, 1993
President Bill Clinton (second term): February 04, 1997
President George W. Bush (first term): February 27, 2001
President George W. Bush (second term): February 02, 2005
President Barack Obama (first term): February 24, 2009
President Barack Obama (second term): February 12, 2013
President Donald Trump (first term): February 28, 2017

According to the American Thinker,  last month, Biden promised what sounds exactly like a SOTU:

“Next month, in my first appearance before a joint session of Congress, I will lay out my ‘Build Back Better’ recovery plan,” he said. “It will make historic investments in infrastructure, manufacturing, innovation, and research and development in clean energy.”

The AP and PBS both got wind that the address was to be given on February 23 and said so in posts that are now deep-sixed:

But on February 16, Jen Psaki denied such a plan in a press conference:

[W]hen asked about the timing, his press secretary Jen Psaki said there had never been a plan for him to address a joint session this month.

“We don’t know where the Feb. 23 date came from. It’s a great mystery,” she said during the regular daily briefing.

Jimmy Carter, a failed one-term president, actually skipped his in the year of his inauguration, missing an opportunity to lay out his plan for the presidency and the nation, with blanket television coverage, plus plenty of pomp and circumstance.  And look what happened to him.

Yet Biden’s handlers seem to have pulled the plug on the man the late Rush Limbaugh mocked as “Plugs” because of his hair transplants to forestall a receding hairline.  The lickspittle media are rushing in with “fact checks” to assure the nation that there is no requirement or deadline for a SOTU speech.  But it is awkward, especially considering the rising doubts about Biden’s mental and physical state.  Nick Arama of RedState expressed the view of many:


Let’s face it. There’s a big problem with having Joe try to deliver a ninety-minute speech at 9:00 p.m. at night without a teleprompter in front of Congress. He has trouble just making it through basic remarks before media for a few minutes, much less a speech of that length. They must be wracking their brains to figure out how they’re going to pull it off.

The excuse dredged up yesterday for missing SOTU is…you guessed it…the January 6 Capitol incursion, which the left wants to make the defining moment of the century.

Democrats know that Biden is not all there.  That’s why a bunch of them want to take away the power for him to launch a nuclear strike.  Just yesterday, he had to be reminded by Kamala, at a COVID event, not to go wandering up to people without wearing a mask:

It is indisputable that the president can have the SOTU address whenever he or she wants. Or none at all, like Jimmy Carter, chose in 1977. Or even submitted in writing, as the same president did in 1981.

How much longer will Democrats wait before they start taking the appropriate steps to make Kamala Harris the person many believe will be the second unelected president in 2020?


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