And so it begins…our Community Agitator In Chief uses the death of a thug to inspire high school and college kids suffering from white privilege and a small minority of protestors/thugs (who are being funded by George Soros and celebrities like Jay Z) to riot for the purpose of creating chaos and fear in America. Obama’s reckless abuse of power to promote his radical transformation of America continues undermine the security of our nation. It’s such a simple plan…you’d almost think America would see right through it. If our dumbed down populace wasn’t so worried about what Kim Kardashian was wearing, perhaps they’d feel the tightening of the iron fist around them…
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In the face of mounting threats of terrorism and civil unrest in U.S. cities, President Barack Obama is arbitrarily prohibiting local police and sheriff departments from obtaining military surplus equipment from the Defense Department as part of what many law enforcement officers are calling his war on police.

Beginning on Monday, Obama visited a number of high-crime areas — especially those with large black populations — to explain the need for his unilateral action, according to news sources on Monday.

President Obama’s spokespeople said Monday that the administration will no longer give local cops some types of protective gear and vehicles while putting stricter controls on other weapons and equipment distributed to law enforcement. The details were released prior to Obama’s visit to Camden, News Jersey, Monday afternoon to give a speech on how he will address police officers allegedly using racist tactics based on racist departmental policies.

Obama and his supporters view police wearing protective riot gear and using armored vehicles as being overly-aggressive in neighborhoods that are predominately black and Hispanic. The President even accused some departments of issuing bayonets, which is demonstrably untrue, according to one police officer who claims she voted for Obama in 2008. “This President actually shows his dislike for local cops. I believe he wants to federalize policing and do away with local and state law enforcement. While the constitution prohibits that, when was the last time Obama cared about what the constitution says,” said Iris Aquino, a former police detective.

During Obama’s speech in Camden, New Jersey, a city reputed to have the highest violent crime rate in the United States, not once did he mention the police officers who were gunned down by blacks or whites within the last few months, noted a New York City police official who has been active fighting against the anti-cop Mayor Bill de Blasio. “That’s because Obama like many liberal-left ideologues believe that police officers are the primary oppressors of minorities. The fact that Obama and the ‘racial-division industry’ — which includes the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson — keep blacks in a state of poverty in order to use their anger and resentment for their own political interests appears to escape the notice of the news media, another group that doesn’t care about dead cops,” he said.

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Originally police officers were led to believe that Obama would continue the Pentagon’s military surplus program, however a panel of his sycophants warned that there is a propensity for misuse of equipment such as armored vehicles, high-powered firearms and camouflage. But not one example of police misusing an armored vehicle has been reported. “I have not heard of one incident in which police misused an armored vehicle. These are defensive vehicles used by cops to protect themselves from gunfire, Molotov cocktails, explosives and weapons of mass destruction,” said former law enforcement commander Jack McGowan. “High-powered firearms? The police use nothing that even resembles a ‘powerful’ firearm. And camo clothing is clothing. No one gets hurt from a shirt’s design pattern,” McGowan said.

Besides cutting off the flow of equipment that would have gone to local law enforcement, the Obama government considering a recall of certain equipment that was already give to local police and sheriffs departments. “I’ll highlight steps all cities can take to maintain trust between the brave law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line, and the communities they’re sworn to serve and protect,” Obama said in his weekly address out Saturday.

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Obama believes law enforcement is a necessary evil, claim his opponents. “He’s never showed local cops any respect. He also doesn’t trust any agency he doesn’t directly control. This is an American leader who wants to federalize the law enforcement function and he has a lot supporters who trust big government over states rights,” political strategist Michael Baker.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani’s Police Commissioner Howard Safir said he believes a “war on police,” exists in America, the anti-cop attitudes are being stoked up by Obama and his minions. “After 20 years of incredible crime reduction accomplished by thousands of dedicated police officers, the public has become complacent now that they are safer,” said Safir. “They have let the anti-police pundits and talking heads convince everyone from the president to the attorney general that police are racist and brutal.”

Via: Examiner

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