On October 28, 2018, only weeks before the midterm elections, several packages containing what appeared to be pipe bombs, were sent through the U.S. Postal Service to far left news organizations,  high-profile Democrat lawmakers, and Democrat kingpin, George Soros. Democrat Party cable news stations like CNN, who was also the recipient of one of the fake pipe bombs did everything in their power to pin the mailings to President Trump and calling out of the fake news.

Conservative Treehouse did a great job of explaining the situation and how the media and Democrats immediately tried to blame President Trump for the fake pipe bombs.

None of the devices detonated or activated upon delivery. U.S. law enforcement suspected all of the packages were sent by the same group or individual.

Secret Service revealed they intercepted two of the packages en route to former President Obama’s Washington D.C. home and Hillary Clinton’s property in Chappaqua, New York. A few hours later a police bomb squad was sent to CNN’s offices in New York City as one of the packages was addressed to former CIA director John Brennan.

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Additionally, the mailed devices were also reported addressed to former Attorney General Eric Holder, Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and California Congresswoman Maxine Waters. The three packages addressed to Obama, the Clintons and CNN were similar to package found at liberal billionaire donor George Soros’ New York home on Monday.

The media was quick to frame a narrative of blame toward President Trump, and within minutes of breaking the news attached the hashtag #Magabomber to the motive. The White House condemned the attacks as ‘despicable’ and administration officials described the events as a coordinated ‘effort to terrorize’ just days before polarizing US elections.

Due to the nature of the overall package content, the likelihood of a staged political effort was high. The motive is undetermined; however, there is a strong history of left-wing manufactured ‘fake-hate’ to advance political objectives.

President Trump was quick to condemn the actions of the person who was sending the pipe bombs, saying they would spare no resources or expense to find the person or group responsible. Trump called for everyone to come together, saying, “We have to unify. Trump told the audience that in times like these, “We have to unify, we have to come together and send one very clear, strong, and unmistakable message— that acts or threats of political violence of any kind, have no place in the United States of America.”

Now, the Conservative Treehouse is reexamining the case that many found to be suspicious, especially because of the timing.

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On April 2, the material suspect Cesar Sayoc sent a letter to the judge who he appeared before, requesting that he change his statement. In his letter, Sayoc claims his attorney told him to say he knowingly knew the devices would hurt or harm anyone. Sayoc tells the judge that he did not mean to harm anyone, saying, “In my heart I wanted to say no.” Sayoc claims he didn’t know what he was saying. Sayoc tells the judge, “I answered under extreme emotional circumstances and not sound comprehending circumstances.” Sayoc continues, “I realized it was the wrong thing to say, Because under no circumstances was my intent to hurt or harm anyone. The intent was only to intimidate and scare.”

From the Conservative Treehouse – Everything about last year’s headline story just two-weeks before the mid-term election was weird; including the refusal of the FBI to state what ‘specifically’ was the material suspect Cesar Sayoc was accused of using to create his Acme-looking pipe bombs. [Full Indictment Here]

You might remember: FBI Director Christopher Wray outlined during his remarks that the devices consisted of PVC pipe, clocks, batteries, wiring and “energetic material that can become combustible when subjected to heat or friction”.

The FBI director went out of his way to state: “these were not hoax devices.”  The DOJ case, which has taken places in New York’s Southern District (SDNY) then moved to seal all court filings and the case against the nut continued behind the curtain of ‘national security’.  Suspect Cesar Sayoc was scheduled to go on trial this summer on charges relating to the pipe bombs.  However, on March 21st, he entered a guilty plea before a federal judge in New York.

In a new development, Cesar Sayoc has written a letter to the judge (full pdf below) trying to walk-back the statements put before him by lawyers in his guilty plea.


Conservative Treehouse continues…Obviously, Mr. Sayoc is a person of unstable disposition, but his written statements speak to the nature of issues which have always seemed rather odd.

Something about this entire event stinks to high heaven.

I’m not prone to wild conspiracy theory, and readers here well know our objective: The Truth Has No Agenda”.   That said, with an understanding that 40 FBI agents knowingly participated in a two-plus year operation into a Russian election conspiracy-collusion theory that never existed…. there’s something seriously sketchy here.

My suspicion is this entire DOJ/FBI operation against President Trump is much larger and ended up encompassing many more tentacles than we are currently aware of.

Go HERE to see the full report by the Conservative Treehouse.

What do you think? Was Cesar Sayoc set up by the deep state to affect the outcome of the 2018 midterm elections? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.



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