The illegal alien family units have been coming in large numbers since 2015. The huge surge is due to word getting back that it’s safe to “pass”. In other words, illegals know they can get around our immigration policy and get into the US because of the “Catch and Release” policy.

Here’s a quote from a Honduran illegal who came over the border successfully and was released into the US after working the system:

Elsa: I didn’t know if he could cross with my daughter or with a male. They told me that it would be easier if I crossed.
Reporter: Why?
Elsa: I don’t know. a lot of people say if a woman crosses with a boy, they’ll let them pass. but I didn’t know that a man could pass, that a male could pass with a baby and now that I came, on my journey, I saw men pass with babies.

Elsa confirmed she is going to tell her husband to make the journey to the U.S.

We need a wall but we also need changes in our immigration policy. The border patrol agent in the video below explains what’s wrong with our policy by saying the Central American illegal he catches can’t be sent back over the border to Mexico. The non-Mexican border crossers have to be detained and processed like Elsa. With the literal invasion happening at our border, the border patrol is forced to release people like Elsa in the US with a promise to come back for an immigration hearing.

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Remember this? In 2015 we had the first big wave of illegals after Obama implemented the “Catch and Release” policy. Here’s Charlie LeDuff with the best ever video of first-hand border crossings and the people released into communities all around the US.

“The border is so out of control, we found two dudes sneaking across the border” – Charlie LeDuff

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The policy has been going on for several years and we’re still allowing this. Nuts!

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