Can the last man/woman out of America’s progressive insane asylum please turn out the lights?

Thirteen years ago, South Carolina man Edmonds Tennent Brown IV bound, raped and strangled 53-year-old teacher Mary Lynn Witherspoon to death, and now the incarcerated a-hole wants the state to pay for him to transform into a transgender woman named Katheryn Brown.

“I truly believe my outward appearance does not match or correspond with my inner self,” the delusional bastard wrote in a letter to The Post and Courier. “But as a female I would be complete and a productive member of society because I would actually be comfortable in my own skin.”

Except that you live in prison, not society, and you obtained this luxurious lifestyle courtesy your willful decision to MURDER this teacher, you heartless prick:

This mentally disturbed ingrate also now claims that he never killed Witherspoon, though the copious evidence proves otherwise:

Brown’s father had dated the teacher from Charlestowne Academy several years earlier, but Brown continued to show up unexpectedly outside Witherspoon’s home long after the relationship ended …

Witherspoon finally pressed charges after Brown, then 32, broke into her laundry room and stole her underwear in June 2003. While in jail, Brown put together a rambling to-do list that included plans to get a stun gun, “take care of MLW” and put her “on ice” …

On Nov. 10, 2003, Brown left jail to undergo outpatient mental health treatment …

Witherspoon was apparently unaware Brown was free until Brown showed up at her home, investigators said. Once inside, Brown reportedly bound Witherspoon’s hands and feet, raped and strangled her, and then left her naked body in a bathtub full of water, according to court documents.


… After Brown’s arrest for murder, investigators discovered that the suspect had used Witherspoon’s credit card to purchase foam breasts and women’s clothing from a shop in New York, police documents show. At the time, Brown said, [he] was about seven months away from having sex-reassignment surgery.

Even worse, Brown alleges that he only plead guilty 13 years ago because he felt so uncomfortable being dressed as a man in court. Via: DownTrend



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