November 8, 2022, was the most brutal day in Michigan election history—and make no mistake, Michigan has had a lot of ugly election results. But this election was different.

The election results on November 8, which defied logic, could have been avoided…

After four brutal years of leadership by three authoritarian Democrats, which include the unlikable Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who revealed her thirst for power and disregard for the citizens of MI during the COVID lockdowns, a lawless Attorney General Dana Nessel, who said she’d like to see a “drag queen in every school,” and America’s most dishonest Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, Michigan residents were left shocked by their re-election—yet another election with implausible results.

Other than the unremarkable John James winning a close race for a US House seat that should have been an easy victory, Michigan Republicans suffered major losses across the board, despite having some of the best candidates running for state and US races across the state.

Michigan’s corrupt trio AG Nessel, SOS Benson, and Gov Whitmer

The re-election of Michigan’s corrupt three wasn’t the only shocker—after 40 years of control in the Michigan Legislature, Republicans, incredibly, lost control of both the MI House and Senate.

After 40 years of Republican control in the MI Legislature and three of the most unpopular candidates at the top of the ticket winning their re-election bids, what happened?

Betsy DeVos and unregulated mail-in ballots happened.

Thanks to the GOP establishment Republicans led by the self-appointed, anti-Trump billionaire queen of Michigan’s Republican Party, Betsy DeVos, and her friends in the billionaire millionaire donor class, Michigan residents will be forced to make some tough decisions about their future in the state of Michigan.

Will Michigan residents stay in a state where full-term babies can be slaughtered, and teachers can legally help teenagers transition to another sex without the consent of their parents after the passage of Proposal 3? Will they stay in a state where voter fraud provisions will now be enshrined in the Constitution, thanks to the passage of Proposal 2? Will lifetime residents of Michigan pick up their belongings like so many other residents of blue states and head south, where individuals’ rights and free and fair elections are still protected, or will they remain in a state that feels more like a communist country?


It all started when lawfully elected Michigan Republican delegates stripped Betsy DeVos of her ability to choose the Attorney General and Secretary of State candidates.

Billionaire GOP donor Betsy DeVos

After working behind the scenes to prevent grassroots candidates Matt DePerno from winning the nomination for attorney general and Kristina Karamo for secretary of state at their state convention, establishment Republicans were left stunned when the MI GOP delegates overwhelmingly ignored the advice of the donor class and chose DePerno and Karamo, despite the large sum of money that was spent on preventing them from winning.

100 Percent Fed Up covered the astounding upset at the Mi GOP delegate convention in April.

HISTORIC HUMILIATION: Trump-Endorsed Candidates Sweep Establishment GOP Picks as Grassroots Rise Up…Win Against All Odds

Once delegates made the decisions about the SOS and AG candidates, there was still a matter of who would emerge victorious in a crowded field of primarily grassroots Republican gubernatorial candidates in the August primary election.

Michigan’s dishonest Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s Department of Elections took care of the top two polling candidates, former Detroit Police Chief James Craig and self-made billionaire Perry Johnson by informing them they would no longer be able to run for office after it was discovered that they allegedly found thousands of fraudulent signatures on their ballots. Because the Department of Elections waited so long to inform the candidates of the fraudulent signatures, they didn’t have enough time to gather more signatures, leaving them with no options other than to accept the decision by the department headed up by Michigan’s dishonest Soros-funded SOS Jocelyn Benson.

Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig
Self-made billionaire businessman Perry Johnson

Campaign strategist John Yob, who hasn’t won an election that he’s managed since Rick Snyder won his governor’s race in 2010, was behind the hiring of the convicted felon who is under investigation for allegedly gathering the fraudulent signatures on Craig and Johnson’s petitions.

John Yob has yet to pay the price for tanking both campaigns when he hired a felon to gather signatures. By the time James Craig and Perry Johnson were kicked off the ballot before the August primary election, their campaigns had already spent millions.

Failed campaign strategist John Yob is pictured with globalist and soon-to-be former MIGOP Chair Ron Weiser.

John Yob, who somehow continues to garner the trust of top GOP candidates to run their campaigns, began his lucrative career as a campaign strategist after riding into MI GOP politics on the coattails of his father, Chuck Yob, who several years ago, was a GOP kingmaker and RNC committee member.

According to the Washington Post, John Yob made an estimated $27 million by selling huge email lists of potential GOP donors to the RNC during Trump’s 2016 campaign.

John Yob may be the most unsuccessful campaign strategist in Michigan, but his wife, Erica, who resides with him and their two children on a private island in the US Virgin Islands, loves living their ultra-luxurious life, provided by candidates Yob helped to lose.

With the popularity of grassroots conservative candidates Ryan Kelley and Garrett Soldano increasing and successful business owner Kevin Rinke, who didn’t need the financial support of the DeVos family to win the race, catching steam, Betsy DeVos jumped into action. In what many considered a ballsy move, the former Trump Secretary of Education, who blamed President Trump for the Jan 6 incident (that was likely a coordinated event by the FBI) and called on Congress to enact the 25th Amendment to remove him from office before the end of his term, penned a letter to President Trump asking him to endorse her pick for governor, Tudor Dixon, whose campaign at the time, was lagging in both voter enthusiasm and funds.

In her letter to President Trump, Betsy told President Trump that her family’s “only one focus” is “electing conservative Republicans who will help get Michigan back on track.”

When conservative Michigan lawmakers caught wind of Betsy DeVos’s attempt to convince President Trump to endorse Tudor Dixon, they wrote him a strongly worded letter imploring him not to endorse Dixon.

“MAGA supporters in Michigan are strongly opposed to Tudor Dixon winning the gubernatorial nomination. Betsy DeVos does not have our best interests in mind, and we are working hard to stop her.” The petition said.

Nine of Michigan’s most conservative candidates, including Rep. Matt Maddock and America First patriot John Gibbs, signed a statement directed at Trump urging him not to endorse Dixon.

According to inside sources, Betsy Devos and President Trump had a follow-up phone conversation where billionaire Betsy DeVos promised Trump that if he endorsed Tudor Dixon as the GOP gubernatorial candidate, she would get behind his top-two endorsed candidates Kristina Karamo for SOS and Matt DePerno for AG.  On July 29, only days before Michigan’s primary election, President Trump endorsed Tudor Dixon.

Dixon won in the August 2 primary election thanks to Trump’s endorsement.

Still, President Trump endorsed the Betsy DeVos-backed candidate, Tudor Dixon, while leaving candidates with a track record of solid support for President Trump and his America First agenda to question their loyalties to a man who cut a deal with a former member of his cabinet who blamed Trump for the violence on January 6 and admitted to working behind the scenes to convince Congress to invoke the 25th Amendment as a way to remove him from office in his final days. Many blame the DeVos family for the large number of spineless Republican lawmakers in Michigan, many of whom rely on the DeVos family to fund their campaigns and are beholden to the whims of the billionaire family.

Betsy DeVos (L) and Tudor Dixon with President Trump

The DeVos-Dixon team wasn’t finished asking the highly influential Republican kingmaker for favors to influence the outcome of elections in Michigan. After choosing Shane Hernandez, the former 2-term lawmaker (one of the Devos family’s top financial recipients), as Tudor Dixon’s Lieutenant Governor, Dixon needed help to convince MI GOP delegates to elect him at their upcoming state convention in May. Naturally, Dixon turned to President Trump, and like Betsy Devos, she also reportedly promised to help Trump-endorsed candidates Matt DePerno for AG and Kristina Karamo for SOS to win their elections in Michigan.

Once again, Trump agreed to help the DeVos contingent of Michigan by endorsing establishment Republican Shane Hernandez on delegates, as he agreed to endorse Tudor Dixon’s pick for Lt. Governor.

In May, when it was time for MI GOP delegates to elect their pick for Lt. Governor, establishment Republicans knew they would have no chance of getting Shane Hernandez over the finish line unless they could convince the highly popular grassroots favorite Matt DePerno to help them garner votes from the America First delegates. MI Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, House Speaker Jason Wentworth, Stand Up Michigan President Ron Armstrong, and DeVos puppet Jase Bolger all worked behind the scenes to encourage DePerno to convince the majority America-First delegates to vote for Shane Hernandez.

On the day of the convention, Matt DePerno told us that Shane Hernandez was bleeding support with delegates, and the Dixon team was panicking. Establishment Republicans working behind the scenes pulled the former gubernatorial candidate Ralph Rebrandt, who was running against Hernandez, into a room where they attempted to coerce him into dropping out of the contest. By the time Rebrandt exited from the room where he was being pressured to drop out of the race, delegates had reportedly already been told he had agreed to drop out.

When Hernandez’s chances of winning the nomination began to look bleak, Matt DePerno was asked to go out and find out what the leaders of delegates wanted in exchange for votes for Hernandez. When DePerno returned to the power brokers behind the stage, he explained that delegates didn’t trust a voice vote for Hernandez. DePerno told them the delegation feared that if Shane lost the voice vote, MI GOP Chair Ron Weiser would gavel through the results as an affirmative ‘”yes.” The MI GOP AG candidate explained that the only thing delegates and the leaders of the delegation wanted was a fair election, and the only way a fair election was possible was for delegates to be able to cast a paper ballot. Everyone seemed to agree that was a reasonable ask until a defiant former governor, John Engler, who has been absent from MI politics for years, stepped up and confronted Matt DePerno, saying, “I don’t understand. This is a terrible deal!” The arrogant former governor, whose primary residence isn’t even in Michigan, asked, “Why are we negotiating with these people?”

Facebook post featuring former MI Governor John Engler with Tudor Dixon

DePerno stood toe-to-toe with the former powerhouse RINO and responded, “What are you talking about—‘ These people?'” adding, These are our delegates! Don’t disrespect them! They get a voice, and they want to have their voice heard!” Former MI Governor John Engler responded, “That’s not how this is done!” telling DePerno, “You just gavel through the results!”

MI GOP AG candidate Matt DePerno

The popular GOP AG candidate told him there was “no way” he would do that to the delegates. The dinosaur Republican who now lives in Virginia stood in front of Matt DePerno and exclaimed, “You’re gonna be the chair, Matt DePerno! And you’re going to gavel through the results, no matter what!” A flabbergasted DePerno responded to Engler, “You’re out of your mind! I would never do that to the delegates!” and then, DePerno threw down the gauntlet, asking, “And by the way, why don’t you support me and why haven’t you endorsed Kristina Karamo and me?” Suddenly, Engler became quiet as DePerno raised his voice, asking, “I want an answer! Why won’t you support me?” The arrogant former governor, who was acting as a campaign consultant for Tudor Dixon, refused to respond.

Only days after the convention where Matt DePerno helped Shane Hernandez to win the nomination of the delegates, he got a call from Devos puppet, Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, who told him that he was not going to get any funding from Betsy DeVos, despite promises made to the contrary. DePerno, who was struggling to get the necessary funding for his campaign, was learning the hard way how it feels to be an outsider who isn’t hand-selected by the millionaire and billionaire class in Michigan.

Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey (R)

DePerno wasn’t the only one sickened by the lack of financial support from GOP donors in Michigan who refused to give them a dime; MI SOS candidate Kristina Karamo was also forced to rely on individual donations by everyday Michiganders to help fund her campaign.

“Patriot Lady,” who is also a MI GOP precinct delegate, asked why the establishment GOP cabal was cutting off the funding for DePerno and Karamo, as she promised never to give another penny to the MIGOP.

Despite being outspent by their unpopular Democrat incumbents by massive margins (most of their opponent’s funding came from out of state) and having to overcome dirty absentee ballot schemes (we will report more on this later), DePerno and Karamo still garnered huge support from Michigan voters. If Betsy DeVos had followed through on her alleged promise to Trump to help DePerno and Karamo fundraise in Michigan, the election results might have had a drastically different outcome.

Unfortunately, Betsy and her billionaire/millionaire friends would rather turn the state over to communists like Jocelyn Benson and her good friend Dana Nessel than allow grassroots conservatives to choose their own candidates.

Ironically, the disdain for DePerno and Karamo by the establishment Republicans stems from their public fight to expose election corruption in Michigan.

I will extensively cover the election fraud that took place in the Nov. 2022 election and how top election officials in Detroit and  Jocelyn Benson were behind the fraud in the very near future, but for now, I decided to only focus on exposing the role of millionaire, and billionaire bullies like Betsy DeVos and friends, who played a key role in ensuring Republicans lost most of the key races in November.

To be clear, dozens of Independents and Republicans have been working ever since the 2020 election to uncover fraud. The establishment GOP hasn’t offered to give them a penny to fund their heroic efforts.

The “white van” that dropped off thousands of ballots at 3:30 am on the day after the 2020 election in the back hallway of the TCF Center in Detroit. Another delivery of ballots was made in the back hallway about 30 minutes later.

Matt DePerno has just announced he will run for the MIGOP chair position:

Two days ago, the DeVos-endorsed Tudor Dixon also announced that she (Betsy DeVos) was going to run for the MIGOP chair position:

Almost immediately after she lost the election to Gretchen Whitmer, Tudor Dixon attempted to blame the MI GOP, including the grassroots champion and one of the hardest-working conservatives in Michigan, MIGOP Co-Chair Meshawn Maddock:

Only moments ago, Tudor Dixon put out a tweet with a link to a Detroit Free Press article about Betsy DeVos, where she’s pictured with turncoat Mike Pence. In her tweet, Dixon defends Betsy Devos’ “Let MI Kids Learn” initiative. It didn’t take long for Dixon to return the favor to DeVos for tricking President Trump into endorsing her in return for her alleged promise to support DePerno and Karamo.

It’s rumored that Betsy DeVos is planning to run for governor in 2026. Thanks to Betsy and her millionaire and billionaire friends, there may not be any Republicans left in the state of Michigan to vote for her.

When the power brokers in the MI Republican Party elite realized that grassroots citizens in Michigan had risen up and wrested control from them by choosing candidates who represented the best interests of the citizens of Michigan and not their pocketbooks, or their special interests, they chose to sit this election out and financially starve the GOP candidates at the top of the ticket.

Never forget… Betsy DeVos and the wealthy GOP donor class gave Michigan residents 4 more years of hell.

You know who to blame when there’s a mass exodus from Michigan by citizens who refuse to live under the Democratic-Communist Party rule.



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