The religion of peace…or something like that…

Sharia law exempts or seriously reduces the sentences for these monsters for committing these heinous crimes. 


A Christian Pakistani woman was set on fire and nearly burned to death in Punjab province after she refused to marry her former boyfriend. The crime took place just weeks after another Christian woman was abducted, forced to marry a Muslim man and convert to Islam.

As the mistreatment of women and religious minorities in Pakistan continue to be the biggest human rights concern in the nation, AFP reported last week that 20-year-old Sonia Bibi was nearly burned to death by her disgruntled ex-boyfriend, Latif Ahmed, in the town of Multan.

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After Ahmed asked Bibi to marry him and she refused his proposal, Ahmed covered Bibi with gasoline and set her ablaze. After being taken to Nishtar hospital in Multan, a doctor told AFP that 45 to 50 percent of Bibi’s body was covered in burns. Despite having half of her body severely burned, Bibi is expected to survive.Christian girl Pakistan

While recovering in her hospital bed, Bibi recalled to local police officials that it was her ex-boyfriend, Ahmed, who set her on fire after she rejected his marriage proposal.

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Local police representative Jamshid Hayat told AFP that Ahmed has since been taken into police custody and a preliminary investigation has been launched.

“Police arrested the man after recording the statement of Sonia Bibi in the presence of her parents,” Hayat said. “The girl told us that she was in love with Latif, whom she accused of dousing her in gasoline and setting her alight.”

Another police officer named Mukhtar Cheema countered that claim and said Bibi told him she rejected Ahmed’s proposal because she was no longer in love with him.

Violence against women in Pakistan who refuse a man’s proposal is all too common.

Sadly, Bibi is one of about 700 Pakistani Christian girls who are abducted and forced into an Islamic marriages every year, according to a report by the Muslim NGO “Movement of Solidarity and Peace in Pakistan.”

Christian families often find it difficult to depend on the Pakistani judicial system to free their daughters, wives and fiancés.

Although a family can file reports of rape and abduction with the local police, the Muslim abductor generally files a counter report, on behalf of the abducted woman, claiming that abducted woman willfully married and converted to Islam, and the family is harassing the woman to try and convert her back to Christianity.

“Upon the girl’s pronouncement that she willfully converted and consented to the marriage, the case is settled without relief for the family,” the NGO report explains. “Once in the custody of the abductor, the victim girl may be subjected to sexual violence, rape, forced prostitution, human trafficking and sale, or other domestic abuse.” Via: Christian Post

UPDATE TO STORY: A 20-year-old, Christian girl passes away after she was set on fire by a 24-year-old boy whose marriage proposal she had declined.
According to details, the perpetrator of this vile act, Ahmed Latif had proposed this Christian girl namely Sonia Bibi. She refused to marry him, after which he became infuriated and spilled gasoline oil on her and set her on fire.
However, the poor Christian girl passed away yesterday, November 2, Tuesday in Multan’s Nishtar Hospital. She was under treatment in Nishtar Hospital but however, succumbed to severe burns. It has been reported that she was 50% burnt. Doctors explained that her burns contracted severe infection which caused her to breathe her last on Tuesday morning.
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