And why Obama may be better off with a Republican President…

Edward Klein paints a very compelling picture of what is going through narcissist Barack Obama’s head:

(If we could get a sneak peek at Barack Obama’s secret diary, this is what we might read.)

I’ll have to endorse Hillary if she gets the nomination—which looks almost certain now—but I won’t have my heart in it.

When I leave office in little over a year, I’ll be the youngest ex-president since Teddy Roosevelt. I’ll still have that same big-shouldered Chicago lust for power that drove me from Greenwood Avenue in Hyde Park to Pennsylvania Avenue in three short years.

But if Hillary replaces me in the Oval, she and Bill will take control of the Democratic Party—it’ll become the Clinton party once again—and they’ll block me from having any future influence.

I’ll end up like Jimmy Carter—hammering away in Appalachia for Habitat for Humanity.

On the other hand, if a Republican wins in ‘16, the Clintons will be finished—their foundation and their speaking fees will dry up and they’ll be a thing of the past. But I’ll still be the titular head of the party. I’ll be able to continue my push to transform America into a European-style socialist state.

So, personally, I’d be better off if the next president is a Republican.

I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this. I had hopes that Old Joe would get in the running and knock Hillary off her pins. Joe in the White House would be like my third term. I’d have plenty of influence in a Biden administration.

But Joe hemmed and hawed until it was too late.

For a while, Val and Miche tried to convince me that Martin O’Malley was the one to snatch the nomination away from Hillary. They said he was O’Malleable and would share the levers of power with me. But I knew from the get-go that Martin didn’t have the right stuff.

Still, it’s amazing to me that Hillary hasn’t imploded. Everybody knows she deliberately tried to cover her tracks with her home-brew e-mail server and that she did it with felonious intent. My biggest fear all along has been that Hillary’s mess will end up tainting my presidency and my legacy.

Val and Miche are dead set against that happening. They’re hoping that Hillary is indicted sooner rather than later. Then Uncle Joe could ride in like the cavalry and save the party.

Just the other day, Hillary asked for another meeting in the Oval. I threw a major fit because I knew she wanted me to shut down the investigation of her e-mails and all her cover-ups.

Generally, I don’t lose my composure, but this time, I leaped from my desk and threw a rubber ball across the room. Almost broke the china.

I even yelled at Val: “Tell the Clintons to go to hell! I never want to see Hillary’s face again. I never want her or Bill in my house lecturing me. They have no respect for this office or for me, and I’m not taking it anymore. She has lied about everything.”

I also told Val: “Make sure that any smidgen of wrongdoing that is in Hillary’s files is turned over to the authorities—everything.”

Obviously, I can’t be seen influencing the FBI investigation in any way. But I’ve made it clear to Jim Comey over at the FBI and Loretta at Justice that I want a thorough investigation and, if warranted, a vigorous prosecution.

If Hillary winds up being sentenced, maybe a presidential pardon can be worked out. Nobody wants to see a former first lady and secretary of state rotting in jail.


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