First Amendment rights matter?  Does this police officer have a law suit?

A North Charleston police officer who posted a photo of himself wearing Confederate Flag boxer shorts to Facebook has been fired.

The photo spread across the Internet on Thursday after the post had been online for a few days.

Police Chief Eddie Driggers issues a termination letter to the officer, Sgt. Shannon Dildine, saying the photo undermines the officer’s “ability to improve trust and instill confidence when working with our citizens.”

“Your posting in this manner led to you being publicly identified as a North Charleston Police officer and associated both you and the Department with an image that symbolizes hate and oppression to a significant portion of the citizens we are sworn to serve,” Driggers wrote.

Dildine has ten days to appeal the decision.

There has been a significant shift in recent days in the display of the Confederate battle flag. Several retailers, including Walmart and Amazon, have stripped anything with that image from its collection. A flag maker has decided to quit manufacturing the flag. And several Southern states have worked to remove the flag from either their state capitols or license plates.

Lawmakers in South Carolina made early strides to remove the flag from the front of the Statehouse this week, but the flag remained in place as Sen. Clementa Pinckney’s horse-drawn caisson made its way onto the Statehouse grounds for a viewing there.

Bakari Sellers said the State House would take up the measure to remove the flag on July 6, two days after Gov. Nikki Haley said she wanted it off Statehouse grounds.

Via: abc4news

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