No one understands the dirty Democrat underbelly better than Stephen K. Bannon. He’s been in the trenches fighting with the underdog conservative movement for years. He was a close friend of Andrew Breitbart’s and he understands better than anyone what we’re really up against with Hillary and how the Left will stop at nothing to win. Trump didn’t need another go-along to get-along RINO as his CEO. The New York Times described Bannon today as a “Media firebrand.” He needed someone who doesn’t think voter fraud is some made up right-wing conspiracy. Bannon’s studied the Occupy movement, he even directed a film exposing the players, the organizers and the future of the radical leftist movement.  


Donald Trump’s second overhaul of his presidential campaign staff in as many months is an effort to remake his organization more in his own image, after trying—and struggling—to conform to the role of a traditional politician guided by political operatives.

Some Republicans welcomed the addition of new senior staff to Mr. Trump’s team, hoping it would bring a dramatic change to his faltering trajectory in opinion polls against Democrat Hillary Clinton. But some in the GOP also said they were worried that Mr. Trump couldn’t recover lost ground by choosing a provocative media entrepreneur who has never run a campaign to lead his team.


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In keeping with his expressed desire in recent days to be himself, Mr. Trump has brought in as his campaign’s CEO Stephen Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart News, a conservative media outlet that delights in bashing the GOP establishment, among others.

“I’m going to do whatever it takes and do it the way I think will win,” Mr. Trump said in a Tuesday night interview with The Wall Street Journal.

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When the “Occupy” movement began a year ago, many initially dismissed it as a gathering of harmless college students. But the late Andrew Breitbart saw in the movement professional left-wing anarchists and radicals who sought to use the “Occupy” protests to violently overthrow the United States government, then destroy its institutions and the free market system.


Breitbart’s friend, Stephen K. Bannon, was one of those who had initially not taken the “Occupy” movement seriously until he saw occupiers shut down the Brooklyn Bridge. He knew then Breitbart was right, and immediately started a project with Breitbart that would turn into “Occupy Unmasked,” a movie that opened nationwide in theaters this week that systematically dismantled the notion that the Occupy movement was good-natured and peaceful.

Here’s a clip from Bannon’s “Occupy Unmasked” movie, directed by Trump’s new CEO, Stephen K. Bannon:

The lessons from the movie “Occupy Unmasked” are important to keep in mind as liberal intellectuals again try to mainstream a radical and violent movement to breathe life into something that, for now, has faded. The movie documents all the violence, filth, rapes, and systemic coordination between left-wing radicals and labor unions like the SEIU that was the real story behind the “Occupy” movement.

In glorifying the “Occupy” movement and looking ahead to the its future, liberals revealed that a potential second coming of “Occupy” could be even more dangerous and violent than the first.

Enter Obama’s Black Lives Matter terror movement…which is really nothing more than a second Occupy Movement, inspired and cheered on by our very own President of the United States. Today, the Occupy Movement has a bigger umbrella. It’s no longer just made up of misfits and anarchists, the movement now has shifted to appeal to the raw emotions of Blacks living in Democrat ruled ghettos. The Left has taken the focus off the Democratic politicians who intentionally keep these citizens dependent on the government, and made them believe that the only chance they have of escaping the poverty that traps them in violent neighborhoods, is to target the cops who bravely patrol their neighborhoods. Young white students have been inspired by radical educators to join the violent, chaotic movement as a way to cleanse them of their perceived “racist” sins. Leftist radicals like George Soros are helping to fund the movement and keep the chaos going…at least through the election. Voter fraud efforts will be kicked into high gear, as the GOP elite sit back and scoff at people like Steve Bannon who know the real score, and are truly ready to take on the fight we will need to win this #WAR (Breitbart’s rally cry for conservatives to join the fight against the Left and take back our country) against Hillary’s radical machine.

breitbart #War poster

Stephen K. Bannon is exactly who this nation needs at this exact time in our history, and we believe Trump couldn’t have chosen a better General in this #War against the radical Left.

Mr. Bannon will take a leave of absence from Breitbart News, which has adopted an antiestablishment stance on the conservative right and has cheered Mr. Trump’s call for more restrictive immigration policies and his rebukes of GOP leaders such as House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

“We don’t really believe there is a functional conservative party in this country, and we certainly don’t think the Republican Party is that,” Mr. Bannon said at a National Press Club conference in 2013.

For his part, the former Goldman Sachs investment banker, naval officer and documentary filmmaker recently wrote and produced the movie “Clinton Cash,” based on a book about the Clinton family’s personal wealth.




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