GOP VA gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin has been in the lead for almost the entire evening. With only 6% of the vote remaining, major (DNC) networks and cable news stations refuse to call the race for him, confirming that Democrat Terry McAuliffe has been defeated.

What are they waiting for?

Will there be a water main break [urinal leak] in a counting room?

Will a white van pull up into the back hallway of a Democratic Party stronghold and deliver thousands of ballots at 3 am?

Will election workers kick poll workers out of counting facilities and then wheel suitcases out from under tables?

What are networks waiting for before they call the Virginia races where for the majority of the evening Youngkin has had a relatively comfortable lead?

Meanwhile, Republican candidate Winsome Sears appears to have won the Lt. Governor race in Virginia as well.

And Republican Jason Miyares will be the first Latino AG in Virginia.

We won’t hold our breath waiting for the media to congratulate them.

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