Yesterday, Wisconsin residents made it clear that they are 100 Percent Fed Up as a red wave swept the state’s April 5th general elections.  Republicans in Virginia followed the model of focusing on the economy and getting Critical Race Theory and LGBT propaganda out of our schools and won big last year.  Now Republicans have done the same in Wisconsin.



In La Crosse County, which is usually Democrat-dominated, Republicans picked up six seats, making the county board almost evenly split between Republicans and Democrats.



President Trump helped facilitate a significant shift to the right in Kenosha County and became the first Republican president to carry the county in nearly 50 years.  Now the county has elected its first Republican County Executive.




Manitowoc School District, which is home to over 5,000 students, now has an entirely conservative school board as the pushback against left-wing propaganda in schools continues to intensify.



In one of the most encouraging stories of the night for statewide elections that will happen in Wisconsin this November, conservative Maria Lazar trounced Evers appointee Lori Kornblum, winning by double digits with over 90% of votes counted to sit on the State Appeals Court.




In another school board race in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, three conservative moms ran together to oppose liberal indoctrination, and all of them won their races, unseating two liberal incumbents in the process.



In Elmbrook School District, which is one of the most highly rated districts in the state, parents chose to keep their children focused on the curriculum that makes their school district great instead of pivoting to left wing nonsense.  Two conservatives won in highly contested school board elections there.



In West Bend, Wisconsin, one conservative won his seat by just one vote, showing the importance of grassroots activism.



Is a red wave coming this November?


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